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“Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite,”
– Oleg Zhovnir, MPFI

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The Max Planck Florida Institute, located in Jupiter, Florida, is the first Institute the German-based Max Planck Society has established in the United States. The Max Planck Florida Institute (MPFI, carries out sophisticated research on neural circuits and brain functions. Its studies are helping to reveal the causes of brain-related diseases such as Alzheimers that may lead to treatments.

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The data that the institute generates is very sensitive due to the nature of the research. Therefore, MPFI needed a provider which could give them the traditional cloud services like file sync across devices, along with an option to store the data locally. The second challenge in front of them was the ability to share large files with external collaborators.The complexity of the imagery used in the neural investigations produces tremendously large files. For example, construction of a 3-D model of the brain has generated files of 150 TB.

“Many of the options we looked at had limits on file size, and were solely cloud-based” says Oleg Zhovnir, web developer at MPFI. “We needed to have a system that would allow us to share our large files through the cloud but allow us to store them on our array.”

Key Requirements:
  • Store large 3D files
  • Share large files but allow to store on local storage array
  • On-premises cloud to protect intellectual Property and prevent IP getting to public cloud
  • Control access through LDAP permissions for security
  • Granular controls to provide various levels of access permission

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MPFI tried FileCloud for 30 days before deciding that Tonido FileCloud was the best solution for the Institution. First, they rolled it out to a few staff as a trial.

The trial users absolutely loved FileCloud’s mobile apps and flexibility of a private cloud. The data migration from their existing file shares to FileCloud was simple and took less than a week.

The FileCloud had the controls that provided the security the institute needed. Now, the institute is able to provide access to the large files it needs to in order to allow its researchers to collaborate. “Our primary goal was to share while keeping the data onsite,” adds Zhovnir. “We control access through our LDAP permissions, which provides the security we wanted.”

Ever since the implementation, the team has received a lot of positive feedback and rolled out the system to all the research staff.


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