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2021, 07

Advanced Ransomware Protection

While our is working on exciting features for the upcoming release of FileCloud Version 21.2, we’d like to show you our advanced ransomware protection capabilities. FileCloud’s Breach Intercept features help you handle every phase of a cyberattack: prevention, detection, and recovery.

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2021, 06

FileCloud’s Enterprise Features

The FileCloud team’s main goal is to be customer-centric. That means we listen to our customers and think of them when improving our products. A result of this mindset is the variety of useful enterprise features that FileCloud includes to make your content management experience easier and more secure.

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2021, 05

FileCloud 21.1 Update

We are excited to announce the release of FileCloud 21.1. The FileCloud team has been working hard to provide you with improved server speed, a new Drive UI and role-based access control.

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