Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers and Acquisitions

Global M&A Leader Secures Data Through FileCloud

Global leaders in technology and software encounter unique data challenges when facing mergers and acquisitions.

Volaris is a company that acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies to be leaders in their industry. Agility and experience in various geographical markets allows Volaris to develop a deep expertise in the software industry. With these business relationships comes an understanding of industry nuances that span the globe.

Operating businesses that are geographically spread out creates many moving parts in the Volaris environment, such as data and file sharing.. How does Volaris manage it all? Here’s whereFileCloud can help.

The Missing Link: Data Security and Streamlined File Sharing

As a global company focused on mergers and acquisitions, Volaris relies on a huge amount of data and files that need to be shared. Efficient and secure file sharing plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations at Volaris. Before discovering FileCloud, Volaris had been sharing data and files the old fashioned way – using shared folders and email.

This method of sharing files creates risks associated with data breaches, viruses, and malware. Not only are the breaches themselves a danger, but also the speed at which they can damage entire systems. The risk of data breaches and system infections along with the need to streamline file sharing led Volaris to seek a better solution. And that solution is  FileCloud.

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