FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 1

1.14 – Apr 19, 2013
Sync Fix files with special characters don’t get synced
General Disallow usernames with ‘@’ and mixed case
General Provide direct links to private shared files similar to public files
General AD authentication allow only username on the UI
Admin Allow Admins to reset user passwords
Admin Allow editing users directly from dashboard
Windows Fix Mod Rewrite Check on Windows Install of Cloud
UI Provide recursive file search
UI Turn off forgot password when using AD
UI Turn off storage quota for Guest Account
UI Path breadcrumbs not working
UI When sharing single file, don’t show sync option
General File upload issue with ‘[‘ in name
1.12 – Mar 04, 2013
GeneralTonido Cloud support for Windows
GeneralFix some minor issues
1.10 – Feb 21, 2013
Admin Full Audit Logging Support
Admin Support for mounting and managing Network Shares
UI Several bug fixes
Sync Fix directory loss issue when directory is renamed where only the case is changed (Windows & Mac)
1.8 – Jan 01, 2013
UI Redesigned User Interface
UI Drag and Drop Upload Support
UI Save and load Music Playlists
1.5 – Oct 27, 2012
AdminUI New User Interface
AdminUI Add New User directly
AdminUI Add users via CSV import
General Fix problems with notification emails
General Fix issues with favorites
General Misc API compatibility fixes
1.4 – Oct 12, 2012
General Fix check for updates to only check every 7 days
1.3 – Oct 11, 2012
General Fix issue with Active Directory AUTH not working properly
General Support for new APIs required for new iOS Apps releasing shortly
1.2 – Sep 19, 2012
General Support for Previous File Versions
General Fix issue with Tonido Drive not working with Cloud for folder creation
General Add translation support for Tonido Cloud portal
General Support for automatic recent favorite lists
1.1 – Aug 10, 2012
General Support for Active Directory Integration
General Support for LDAP Integration
General Improve Sync Client Performance
General New License Format. Need new License File
AdminUI Allow disable users
AdminUI Can view last login information
AdminUI License Summary added
AdminUI Version Summary added
1 – Jul 25, 2012
Initial Release


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