FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 11 – Dec 24, 2015
Major Beta support for FileCloud Backup Server (Backup/Restore Files and Folders from Backup Server)
Major Server Performance Improvements, UI Loading, PHP Opcache support
Major FileCloud Drive Improvements:Asynchronous File Listing Support, Any File Size Download Support, Auto Locking of Files Support:
Major FileCloud Sync Improvements:Multi-threaded Uploads/Downloads, Faster scanning and indexing of files, Improved Error Reporting:
Major Fast Indexed File search for Network Folders if real-time scanning is enabled
Major Outlook Add-In can handle file upload of unlimited file sizes
Major Optimized Direct Downloads of files from Amazon S3 Storage when using Drive, Sync, iOS and Android apps
Major Windows Server Components Upgraded to Apache 2.4.16, PHP 5.6.12, OpenSSL 1.0.1p, Mongo Database 3.0.6
Major FileCloud Sync Advanced Offline Mode Beta:Connect arbitrary local folders to remote FileCloud folders for offline sync:
Major iOS/Android now have more efficient media backup support – Dec 24, 2015
General CRITICAL: Critical bug fix release for S3 backend system. – Nov 12, 2015
General Fix error when moving or renaming files
General Fix issue with wrong file type when listing network folders under some special conditions – Nov 09, 2015
General CRITICAL: Fix Upload fails in WebDAV with 0 byte files – Nov 05, 2015
Sync Fix issue with sync app uploading partially downloaded .part files with offline sync
Sync Continue with downloading other files with offline sync even if one file fails – Oct 29, 2015
Sync CRITICAL: Fix error with 11.0 sync app deleting files when a file or folder is locked and not available for enumeration – Oct 27, 2015
General CRITICAL: Fix error Deleting, Moving, Renaming File error
General Email Notification URLs didn’t work when path contained spaces – Oct 26, 2015
General Uploading 0 byte files causes unexpected errors
General Download as Zip downloads fails in Linux when files are greater than 10 GB in size
General Print and Download options are hidden in web preview for view only shares
General Show Update Available notification when Drive and Sync startup
General Locks not shown properly for SHARED folders
General Login Username Password text not coming up in proper language
General Fix changing sharing permission From Public to Private still allows public option drop drown to be manipulated
General Uploading to Network Shares should use temp files instead of uploading directly into the file
General Show proper error message, when a locked file/folder is downloaded
General Set replyto for share emails to user who created the share
General Easier to copy share links in browser
General Allow comments on files even if it is only read only
General Support limiting AD Group for SSO login
General Add ability to turn off restrictions on “..” in folder and file names
General Disable video player context menu for readonly files
General Removing Desktop and Mobile URLs via Admin customizations should remove entries from drop-down on user portal
General Fix incorrectly reported errors under file operation failures
General Support GZIP Compression for improved performance
General Multi-tenant sites connection strings always specified using config files
General Improve performance for large file downloads with encrypted storage
General Fix Lock Icon not shown for a Limited User Account
General Show number of files and folders in file view in browser
General Fix sharing issue to users with usernames that are similar to one another
General Don’t overwrite favicon.ico during upgrades
General Support auto trimming Audit Database
General Optional support for HTTP Only Cookies
General Optional support for Secure SSL only Cookies
General Fix re-sharing same folder in NTFS should not redo security scan
General Clicking on Share or Share Folder should show progress dialog
General Fix issue where multiple spaces in the middle of a file/folder name are truncated.
General Show error when a folder is uploaded via drag and drop in unsupported browsers
General Remove not applicable options in share dialog for a single file share
General Fix broken image in admin-> customizations for login background in fresh install
Admin Deleting the network share doesn’t remove existing shares from that location
Admin Adding Network Share without proper permissions shows empty error dialog
Admin Support DISPLAYNAME variable in email templates in addition to username
Admin Upgrading installations do more verifications after upgrade is complete
Admin Default setting for Disk Usage calculation is without including shares
Admin Prevent multiple simultaneous background jobs from running
Admin Add in-place upgrade warning for HA system
Admin Truncate System Logs when it becomes too big
Admin Sending test email fails for non-english language
Admin Allow selecting user type when adding new user
Admin Clear Deleted Files should not timeout for large Network folders
Admin Shares and Locks are removed for disabled users
Admin Alert Admin when user quota is exceeded
Admin Audit Record Invalid when drag and drop upload file changes
Admin Screen Network Share UI Refresh Issue
Admin Limited accounts cannot be admin accounts
Admin Allow setting expiration date for each site in multi-tenancy to block all logins after some time.
Admin Downloaded Zip files are not being cleaned up from scratch tmp folder
Admin Allow selecting which FileChange Notification will now be sent (Add, Update, Delete, Download, Preview, Lock/Unlock etc)
Admin Allow exporting all sites information in multi-site admin to excel
Admin Allow adding notes to each site in multi-site admin to add more useful information
Admin Fix trailing slash in backup path breaks camera backup
Admin Remove any trailing slash from Server URLs even when set accidentally
Admin Amazon S3 storage backend URL is not displayed in admin portal
Admin Support case-insensitive login into admin portal
Admin Admin role settings don’t get cleaned when user is deleted
Admin Disallow spaces at the end of usernames
Sync Ignore Files and Folders which have spaces at end of files or folders
Sync Allow setting a Backup Email for notification of backup
Sync Allow reporting number of backup files during backup in the admin portal
Sync Show warning when files are added to top level folder that are not being synced
Sync Improve sync conflict notification
Sync Allow ability to skip some names from scanning
Sync Support more secure SSL connections even if RC4 is disabled
Sync Show alerts when user password changed on server
Sync Displays list of Sync Conflicts/Skipped Files in Error Dialog
Sync Quick Edit doesn’t work for files with multiple spaces in the names
Sync Sync app hangs under some conditions when web server is unavailable
Sync Don’t show sync login screen when server is unavailable during startup
Drive Fix issue when mounting with different names creates muntiple mount points
Outlook Show proper error on upload failures
Install Apache default SSL configuration supports stronger ciphers
Install Fix multiple bind_ip mongodb.conf files in debian and rpm packages
Cloud Helper Fix hang when some files are not in the sub-folder list
WebDAV Fix file upload issues with 0 byte files
API Add support for retrieving all activity records for a path recursively


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