FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 10 – Aug 19, 2015
Major Support for Active Directory Federated Services(ADFS)
Major Support for SAML 2.0 SSO
Major Support Free LIMITED User Account type (Webonly Secure Access Accounts) who don’t count towards license
Major Sharing a single file will now show a landing page for download instead of downloading directly
Major Local storage encryption: Add support for a recovery key in case main encryption password is unavailable
Major 2 Factor authentication support for Sync
Major 2 Factor authentication support for Drive
Major 2 Factor authentication support for outlook Add-In
General Fix translation issue in French causing right hand side UI rendering
General Fix read-only share permission for group permits download from preview view
General Fix iOS Document Preview issue with Amazon S3 Storage backend
Sync Fix issue with realtime sync not deleting folders properly – Aug 12, 2015
General Improved Translations for User Web Portal and Admin Portal
General Download via Share not recorded in Audit Log
General Remove unexpected options in Deleted Items View
General Sending verification email using non-html template doesn’t preserve link
General Support Open Office Documents for Quick Edit ODS, ODT, ODP
General Allow creating user names with .
General Open Stack Storage allows file uploads even when storage is offline
Sync Backup always re-uploads files after reset with files already present
Sync Sync Overlay not working properly when names have & in them – Jul 26, 2015
General Disabled User accounts does not count towards licensing
General NTFS Helper Service can be different for each site in a multi-tenant setup
General Launch Video Player with HTML5 automatically without showing option dialog
General Fix sorting not working in Network Shares file listings
General Multi tenancy duplicate settings doesn’t work correctly when copying sites with S3 storage
General Shares not removed when user is changed from FULL to GUEST user
General Fix unexpected dropdown options for public shared folder
General Fix Search UI not rendering properly
General Fix Network share versioning not working with file names having special and non-english characters
General Upgrade Apache/PHP/OpenSSL to Latest Version in Windows Installer
General Fix CSV user import has errors with Filecloud using S3 storage backend
General Displayname not set correctly when importing users from AD via group import
General User portal doesn’t show Horizontal Scroll when browser window is too small
General Improved information when file is locked in activity stream
General Drop Down for general folder actions not fully hidden even when items are selected
General Fix issue with shared folders with write permissions in Network Shares don’t show previous versions
General Fix limit group is not considered when doing an AD Group import
General Fix when account name is left empty it says “No password entered” at login
General Allow changing backup folder at the user level
General Add File Locking Activity in Shared Folder Email Notifications
General Network Folder ._cloud folder is now hidden
General Fix incorrect button/text color in recycle bin
General Activity stream doesnt show new file added, but just shows that it is deleted
General Share name is messed up when changing share permissions and then updating share properties
General If Admin is logged in in admin portal, unlocking a file via user portal shows incorrect message
General Remove share using admin portal doesn’t close the share dialog automatically
General Remove extra space in 2FA email
General Deleting File doesn’t remove it from search results
General PHP stops execution on a warning error under Linux
General Date picker not working in user and admin portal
General Activity stream panel does not update correctly when navigating from Favorites
General Breadcrumbs shown correctly for long directory names
General Don’t show share option for favorites lists
General Physical files larger than TONIDOCLOUD_RECYCLEBIN_SKIP_SIZE not deleted correctly
General Add “Select All” feature for file listings to select all entries in a folder
General Support more file formats odg, odp, ods for document preview
General Disable sharing for individual Network Shares
General Support ability to disable upload of some file extensions
Admin Move Camera Upload setting into separate Backup Settings Tab
Admin Show Single Tenant Max Users/Max Storage if set via Multi-Site Admin
Admin Fix message when email is reset in user properties in admin portal
Admin User login does not show proper audit message
Admin Disable sending invitations to other users via sharing screen
Admin Fix Multi selection issue in user permissions dialog
Admin Fix Audit doesn’t show if the share is public/private
Admin Fix Audit record shown when a disabled user tries to login
Admin Fix Audit message for unlock is not clear
Admin Fix issue with AD Settings not showing UPN suffix entry
Admin Fix Error when importing AD users from group with no users
Admin Add new Email template for 2FA
Admin Fix creating default user picks up AD display name if same user name exists in AD
Admin DB server string not exposed for S3 and openstack
Admin Update Admin share management UI to match user portal
Admin Upgrade check should report error if check for updates is disabled
Admin Show Helper status via admin portal
Admin Fix reset button for storage setting causes UI rendering issue
Sync Ignore temp folder created during new Folder Creation with Sync app on Mac OSX
Sync Allow ability to change Server Remote Poll time
Sync Allow to select “My Files” when doing selective sync
Sync Network Folders should set same file timestamp to match remote server files
Sync Network Folders not creating local folder if it is empty
Sync View errors dialog doesn’t show file causing sync errors
Sync Updated sync status icon to standout better with different backgrounds
Sync Conflict files created when file is saved multiple times too quickly
Sync Trying to exit when sync is uploading large file causes app to hang
Sync Status Overlays are not working for network folders
Sync Disallow quick editing a read-only file
Sync Full xml settings options support for Linux Console Sync app
Drive The security code textbox for 2FA doesn’t clear once a wrong security code is entered
Drive Drive now rejects files copied to root folders
Outlook Addin Outlook Add-In now can auto upload attached to FileCloud
Android Fix Crash when other content other than files are sent to FileCloud App


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