FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 2

2.2 – Jun 25, 2013
General Support for IE8 browser
General Fix issue with showing recyclebin in shared files
General Fix issue with displaying file listings in external shares with large number of files
General Fix issue with RPM install package missing a dependency
General Fix issue where toggling Read/Write permissions was inefficient
2.1 – Jun 19, 2013
General Downloadable audit logs in CSV format
General Anonymous file upload in public shares
General Directory download support
General Multiple file download support
General Allow resharing of files/folders
General Support for PNG Images
General FFDC generation for linux
General UI Bug Fixes
General RPM install issues
General Automatic account approval to both guest/full status
General Upgrade support in admin UI
2 – Jun 03, 2013
General Branding changed from TonidoCloud to FileCloud
General Allow Mixed mode athentications
General Multi-site management in a single machine install
General Recycle Bin support
General Network Shares: Public and Private Sharing Support
General User Group Support for Network shares
General Display Freespace and Log directory size in Cloud Admin UI
General Additional bug fixes


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