FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 8 – Jan 13, 2015
General ( Download Folder with NTFS permissions can download subfolders incorrectly
General ( Sharing of NTFS folders is allowed only if user has write access to all sub folders
General ( Uppercase samAccountName AD username causes login issues
General ( S3 Storage Download As Zip not working
General ( Download File in Admin Portal from User’s account not working
General ( Add more extensions for Quick Edit support
General ( Multi-select didn’t work on a Mac in grid view
General ( Favorites Listing gets into a loop
General ( ExportFS script didn’t handle special characters during export
General ( Public shared folder should not show activity and details panel
General ( Multi-Tenancy admin login didn’t work
General Activity Stream Support to see all activity on shared folders
General Support for adding comments on files for easier collaboration
General Custom Embedded Upload Web Form support
General Quick Document Editing Support via the web browser
General Support for command line automation app
Mobile Ability to disable all Mobile App login
Mobile Advanced Mobile Policy Support for customization of mobile security policies
General Support AD login when UPN name and samAccount name are different
General Support filtering out certain names or paths in the network share listings
General Drag and Drop of File with special characters doesn’t work on Chrome
General Restrict slashes in the share name when new share is created from sharedfiles tab
General Fix issues with Shared Folder Listings
General Re-Sharing from a NTFS Network Share Folder doesn’t work
General No Vertical scroll bar in Shared Folder Listing
General Newly created favorite list is not showing up without a refresh
General Android Browser unable to login into FileCloud
General Add Global Share Policies with individual user level overrides
General Improved WebDAV support
General Add a remove share button to the Manage Share Dialog
General Allow Folder Creation when Shared Folder allows upload
General Refresh account data usage information in top right account drop down
General Sharing indication not shown for reshared folders
General Disable some network shares from being synced offline
General Fix Download Zip with large files > 120 MB don’t work
General Support sharing public upload only folders
General FileChange Notification doesn’t send out email to users correctly when shared to multiple Groups
General Support for multiselect in Thumbnail view
General Disabling My Files should disable camera uploads
General License files work properly even port number is in the URL
General Fix issue where rename can create a duplicate name
General Fix issue where folder and file copy can be copied into itself
Sync Rename File or Folder via Network Offline Sync should delete the original file
Sync Sync Now should sync all Network Shares
Sync Fix issue with syncing certain shared folders with special characters
Sync Disallow syncing files with backslash which can be added in Mac OSX
Sync Fix Sync installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account
Sync Support ability to disable sync for some users
Sync Mac OSX Files can be duplicated in Network Share Offline Access
Sync Fix Mac OSX creates folder with group and everyone read permissions
Sync Add support for official OSX notifications with latest Mac Sync App
Admin Show Previous Versions via Admin Portal for Managed Storage
Admin Devices view has pagination problem
Admin Add ability to handle large audit records export and delete properly
Admin Support ability to not show groups that user doesn’t belong to.
Admin Add warning when users attempt to change storage location folder
Admin Allow Admins to clear user recycle bin
Admin Support editing email subject lines
Admin Support previewing email messages in admin portal
Admin Refresh UI after CSV import and AD import
Admin Allow editing groups that User belongs to in user details dialog
Admin Admin UI session times out after 15 minutes
Drive Copy/Cut operations don’t show correct local time
Drive Fix Sync installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account
Outlook Fix outlook add in installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account


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