FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 14 – Jan 31, 2017
Major Support Web browser based editing of Office Documents using LibreOffice and MS Office Online Server. Learn more about FileCloud integration with Office.
Major Support FileCloud Drive app in Mac OSX (Beta). Learn more about Drive
Major Updated Admin portal skin
Major Brand New Admin Portal Dashboard with reports and statistics. Learn more about FileCloud analytics
Major General Support for new reports — Gets a view of all the non-browser clients that connected to the file cloud instance. Learn more about reports
  • All non-browser clients grouped by client OS (For example: Windows, Darwin etc)
  • All non-browser clients grouped by client Type (For example: CloudSync, FileCloudDrive, FileCloud iOS app etc)
  • Get the distribution of files based on extension (For example: jpg files, xlsx files etc)
  • Get list of users sorted by number of files in managed storage
  • Get list of users sorted by quota usage
  • Retrieve percentage of files in managed storage that changed over a time period
  • Get a report of all the shares in system.
  • Get a report of login activity over a time period
Major Upgrade XAMPP to Apache 2.4.23, PHP 5.6.28, MongoDB Driver 1.6.14, MongoDB 3.2.7
Major Security: Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks by malicious websites (Incompatible APIs)
Major Drive now supports versioning of files when editing Office Documents
Major Support Drag and drop upload for more than 100 files via the web browser
Major General: Ability to set a default file for user context when viewing a Public Shares
Major General: Support for combining PDFs into a single PDF – Jan 30, 2017
General Fix webedit issue with Office Online Server – Jan 30, 2017
General Fix Folder Permissions Dialog box allows adding new users incorrectly
General Download button is hidden when sharing big images
General Previous versions doesn’t show more than 20 versions
General Text search not working for multi-tenant non default site
General Allow Text search without using *
General Fix wrong notifications on file changes when using NTFS network shares
General Fix webedit issue with Collabora v2.0.1
General Fix language change issue in new account screen
General Show full AD user name during search
General Add system metrics reporting to improve FileCloud
Admin Fix email sending issue for mail servers with SSL certificates
Admin Support alternate share URL useful when using ServerLink
Admin Fix Control panel not starting when installed in D:
Admin Allow option to disable changing file modification time for network shares on upload (avoids crash)
Sync Fix issue where Quick Edit downloaded files are not getting cleaned up
Drive Fix Unlimited download size limit doesn’t work – Jan 12, 2017
General Fix Copy or Move with overwrite doesn’t handle files with changed case names
General Fix Entry in recycle item cleared if another file is deleted in the same parent path
General User Account expiry will decrease the number of user accounts in use by license
General Fix recycle bin items get replaced when deleting other items in the same path
General Fix error msg shown when trying to share a read only NTFS Folder
General Fix error with Folder Permissions affecting unrelated paths disabling copy/move/delete
General Background dispatcher not supporting multi tenancy for S3 encryption, workflows and reports
General Make new account email have a clickable server URL to open site
General Content indexing issue for files with international characters
General Fix pagination not working properly for folder permissions view
General Support time out in user portal doesn’t prompt user to reload
General Single public image share shows inline preview
General Upgrade PHP Mailer to 5.2.16 so that it fixes a infinite loop under some conditions
General Fix issue where 2 emails are being sent consecutively for 2FA login
General Show proper error message when copying file to invalid paths
General Hide Folder Permissions for Guest accounts
General Fix upload only password protected public share fails to show the password screen.
General Fix issue with Folder Permissions when sharing an image from slideshow
General Remove play button for single files
General Improve error for password length requirements when creating account
General Fix download fails when download count limit is set for Network Folder share
General Sort shares view based on date
General Fix download folder as zip does not work with S3 Network folders
General Fix Previous versions doesn’t show 0 byte file versions
General Fix password protected share not loading when user name contains space
General Fix error when enabling sharing permissions for a private file share
General Fix upload file paths greater than 255 characters fails uploads without cleaning up
General Fix .prop files for Amazon S3 uploads being cleaned up inadvertently
General Support opening TIF files as images
General Fix Android photo upload fails in Hosted Cloud
General Fix issues with file type detections
General Fix issues with move/rename in Amazon S3 network folders
General Improve listing speeds for Amazon S3 network folders
General Support config to require new users to change password on first login
General Dirscraper: Parsing fails if path has % character
General Fix issue with renameOrMove of network folder with overwrite with names that have different cases will delete folder
General Add user emails to email notifications
General Fix issue with directory scraper failures in some different conditions
General Add a “Cancel Share” to sharing dialog so users can quickly remove share
General Remove Leave Share button for My Files
General Limited User Default Quota is now set to 0
General Fix setting File Listing sort order doesn’t work properly
General Fix scroll bar missing in favorites section
General Fix overwrite prompt doesn’t appear on copy or move in some conditions
General Show modified date for folders in file listings
General Fix Activity is lost when a file is deleted
General Disable download options for view only shared video files
General File Locking can be done to files or folders only with write permissions for NTFS folder shares
General Fix display name allows adding unprintable characters
General Fix using a path longer than 256 chars shows wrong file listings
General Public link shown in side tab in user view doesn’t work
General Automatic account creation fails when logging in with a AD Account
General Fix error when logging in after accessing invalid password protected share
General Fix error when trying to download a Public shared file
General Send notification email when a file gets downloaded for a public share
General Support password change upon logon after password has been reset
General Need server maintenance mode
General Support using “Enter” keyboard command to confirm many user portal actions
General Fix error when downloading re-shared file from Network Folder
General Fix error error when sending share email
General Improve email notifications to filter out actions performed by that user and limit changes to 25
General Fix Drag-n-drop upload into S3 network folder fails
General Provide more visual feedback when a share is created on what exact folder is being shared
General Fix share email not displaying name with &
Sync Show unicode character file names properly when when opened for quick edit
Sync Fix remote deletion of files via offline sync option doesn’t work for s3 network shares.
Sync Disable errors when network is unavailable
Sync Overlay icons not seen if sync folder location was set incorrectly with multiple \\ in path
Sync Fix issue with Delete Approval Percent configuration
Sync Fix issue in File Browser – Unable to upload zerobyte file
Sync Fix issue in File Browser – Upload files shows wrong time (Mac OSX)
Sync Fix issue creating many empty folders when resolving conflict using remote server copy
Sync Reduce frequency of error msg shown if a folder or file is created at root level
Sync No popup or error notifications on Network Folder file conflicts
Sync Fix filenames uploaded with HTML entities don’t work properly
Sync Fix files with special control characters can be added to filecloud via browser and sync and don’t work properly later
Sync Support launch on system startup
Sync Fix sync client not showing “Display message” Device Management command
Sync Fix 0 byte files don’t upload to Network Folders
Sync Fix case change local folder after backup causes folder creation error
Sync Advanced offline view has no way to enable Remote Delete
Sync Stop the sync process when download phase has exceptions
Sync Don’t ignore “New folder” when it has items inside it
Sync Files changed to 0 bytes in size are treated as deletes and confirmation is requested
Sync Report conflicts as errors in list so user can take action
Sync Fix after changing sync location, the shortcut needs to be changed as well
Sync Improve error message when a folder is renamed
Drive Disable high latency server mode in drive
Drive Update the Drive Icon
Drive Fix error message in drive when accessing locked files
Drive Device Management message not shown properly under some conditions
Drive Fix Dialog box rendering issue in Device Authentication login flow
Drive Fix issue creating duplicate excel entries with S3 managed storage
Drive Support config to disable automatic update checks
Drive Fix drive crash when copying a lot of small files
Drive Fix incorrect audit message for rename action
Outlook Support handling files with different Unicode normalization for Outlook and Office Add-On
Outlook Support Device Management for outlook addon
Outlook Support Pass protected share from outlook addon
Outlook Fix files that are less than the filesize limit are also uploaded
Admin Fix search indexing status network folder has a space in name
Admin Support installing SPLA licenses to all sites in one shot
Admin Fix unsubscribe link in Admin Summary emails
Admin Fix admin summary email quota exceeded user typo
Admin Remote wipe actions should be reported in Audit
Admin Fix audit message setting and removing Folder Permission inheritance
Admin Fix issue with filter in folder permissions view in admin portal
Admin Support enabling encryption for all sites in a multisite config
Admin Support ability to add notes to user accounts as well as searching through them
Admin Disallow selecting trim audit end dates less than start date
Admin Add pagination support for Workflows
Admin Fix sorting of shares based on account name
Admin Fix UI issue when displaying long email ids in user details dialog
Admin Provide easy SSL CSR Generation + install certificate tools via filecloud control panel
Admin Support importing more than 1500 AD users
Admin Set user permissions when group permissions are given for admin users
Admin Fix group name update fails under some conditions
Admin Allow importing AD users by admins with “Users” level admin permissions
Admin Support option to disable multiselection in web browser
Admin Fix User Locks view not sorted descending
Admin Installation of Apache Solr deployment is easier on Linux and part of the installation
Admin Support managing Folder Permissions from admin portal
Admin Fix refresh user view after AD group import
Admin Fix incorrect Admin portal permissions after changing master admin name
Admin Support system wide HTTP proxies when doing server upgrades
Admin Support custom endpoint support for S3 network folders
Admin Fix disallow sending summarys email for expired multi-tenant sites
Admin Support Amazon S3 KMS SSE for S3
Admin Support SSE for Amazon S3 network folders
Admin Fix issue where Device block without wipe doesn’t work
Admin Use Admin Email if set or email REPLY_TO for all admin notification emails
Admin Ensure Admin actions have entries in Audit
Admin Require shares to have mandatory password protection
Admin Fix installation error with ubuntu debian package
Admin Fix new encryption admin permission role separate from settings
Admin Change user modes in user dialog in one click
Admin Allow admins to set the email notifications policy when user creates share
Admin Allow exporting Audit records with filtered criteria
Admin Support policy to specify share type
Admin Add checks against specified Server URL when configuring
Admin Fix license data when not installed
Admin Fix account approval default email template so incorrect “PASSWORD” template is not sent for AD user
Admin Support disabling Do Not Mail list
Admin Support options to control email dialog appearance during file or folder share
Admin Ability to enter CSS text for customeization directly in the admin portal
Admin User import should support more fields from CSV
Admin Limit the max size of a notification email
Admin Fix previous option in workflow dialog box does not have previously entered data
Admin Show logged in account name in admin portal
Admin Allow editing email subject templates like 2FA
Admin Fix error with importing users with displaynames using &
Admin Allow users to login via email to admin portal
Admin Fix issues in Admin share management dialogs showing different data than user portal
Admin Cron errors are reported clearly in log when site is unreachable
Admin ExportFS tool is now multi-site aware
Admin Fix cloud update tool doesn’t download download zip correctly
Admin Support rmail notification when the encryption password needs to be entered.
Admin Fix last run time for cron tasks
Admin Support workflow to send notifications for storage full
API Fix clearallconfigsetting removes site


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