FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 19.3 – March 19, 2020
Major SMS Gateway integration is complete
General The SimpleSAML admin page now prevents access when SSO Log Level is set to PROD
General Users can avoid certificates being overwritten by moving them to a new folder before upgrading the PHP SimpleSAML library. See instructions at Updating the PHP SimpleSAML Library
General Files larger than 10MB will no longer be indexed by SOLR
General FileCloud administrators can now enter the system’s local IP address to use a separate FileCloud policy with ICAP
General FileCloud now uses PHP classification for content search to avoid timing out
General FileCloud users can now enter a phone number and an email address when adding an external user
General To further improve performance, FileCloud now performs catch-up classification via cron only with rules that have not yet been executed and on files that have not yet been classified
General Assigned metadata is now removed from a file that was classified by a CCE rule after the CCE rule is unassigned
General Administrators can now enable Two Factor Authentication using SMS OTP security codes for specific user agents by adding the key TONIDOCLOUD_TWOFA_REQUIRED_USERAGENT_LIST and user agents to cloudconfig.php – January 31, 2020
Major FileCloud Community Edition launched. A new version of FileCloud Server for just $10 per year
Major A new modern user interface is now available for FileCloud Drive
Major Permissive mode in Smart DLP
Major CAPTCHA support for password protected shares
Major Bandwidth used by ServerSync can now be configured according to the user’s requirements
Major Sync for Mac OS X now supports overlay icons and right-click options
General Reduced CPU usage on a server with FileCloud installed
General Improvements to the new move/copy dialog
General Improved scanning time for file changes by using multi threaded scanning
General Improved DLP rule violation reporting in the Admin dashboard
General Better file names for downloaded ZIP files
General Better Content Classification Support
General User Deletion confirmation toast notification
General Allow exporting FileCloud file listings into CSV format
General Improved Team Folder Management
General Improved reporting of total files and folder count in a given folder
General Faster renaming and moving of large folder hierarchies
General Notification emails for share expirations now contain more details
General New workflow supports automatic removal of Public shares
General Auto-generated Share passwords are now more complex
General Allow Sync backup to skip files that are in use
General Users can choose to skip sending deleted files to the recycle bin
General Metadata names with leading or trailing spaces are now automatically trimmed
General More robust communication via ServerLink
General Admin can control file listing view options for users
General Admins can now directly change the email address in the Set Team Folder Account dialogue when setting up team folders
General Users are not visible now in the Available User list when added to a group
General Retention Policies now accept paths containing spaces
General File/folder movement activity is now noted in workflow activity reports
General Admin users can now login regardless of name case used, including mixed case
General Selected mount points/letters are retained when using SSO Login in FileCloud Drive
General Images now properly rotate while previewing files in publicly shared folders
General Username of the admin account that performed the action is now displayed in audit logs
General AD Group Import now disallows usernames with special characters
General All folders now appear in audit logs regardless of whether or not they contain any files
General Only live files receive classification when CCE rules are executed on-demand
General Password recovery messaging is now consistent in all cases, regardless of whether a user exists or not
General Comments now appear in the sidebar for the users with read and download permissions
General In case of NTFS network folders with real-time syncing (automatic) enabled, only those folders and sub-folders for which users have access (e.g. with NTFS permissions set up) will be downloaded
General Sync status now indicates the name of the main Network Folder being synced along with the status for subfolders and files
General Search no longer fails when looking for terms containing [,] or {,} characters
General WOPI editing file modification dates are now accurate
General Share activity is now properly documented for all files and folders
General The security tab for subfolders of Team Folders now remains visible
General The text “NaN” (not a number) is now displayed for images with undefined or negative-value shutter speed metadata
General When editing files with Office Online, user agents are now universally marked as “MS Office Online” in audit logs
General Shared files and folders appear for all users, regardless of case used in user name
General File sizes are now indicated in MB
General DLP rules now strictly apply even if the folder is empty
General Uploads of files with names containing special characters are now accepted
General Special characters are now supported in enum metadata
General Search now functions properly when searching for file names containing special characters
General Smart Classification now functions identically in both FileCloud Online and On-Premise installations
General Files with names containing two dots now sync properly
General CLI now displays the current job status
General File metadata no longer appears alongside file content while searching by file content
General Network folders (external storage) no longer appear as results during content-only searches
General The deleted files are now displayed and sorted; sorting is descending according to most recently deleted files
General FileCloud on Windows now uses Solr v8.3
General Admins now have the ability to change the binding IP for Mqworker
General Improved compatibility of Sync app in Ubuntu 18.10. The Sync app is now available as a desktop app, and dependent libs are installed automatically
General New share report allows exporting effective user share permissions
General New workflow options to skip files that are recently accessed from being deleted
General New setting to hide regular login page completely when using SSO
General Improved Smart Classification CCE pattern matching support, including Fuzzy Search, Proximity, Boolean Operators & Range Queries
General Limited users can still be added to FileCloud even if the license usage is at 100%
General Files in expired shares are now deleted when “Delete Files from Expired Shares” is enabled
General Design updates for the email that is sent for new user creation and/or when their account type is changed
General Notifications for new versions and error conditions (e.g. upload failed, lock failed, etc) are displayed even when notifications are disabled
General A fix was introduced to enable ServerLink client start up script to run on Linux
General FileCloud now supports non-default ports when using redirect URLs from SSO
General FileCloud now supports new file creation when using Collabora
General There is now a new search option to always retrieve fresh search results instead of using cached results
General Admins can now disable the ability to create private shares to groups
General File Query reports can now take an optional path parameter
General Admins can now view the time when a user accepted terms and conditions
General .htaccess files for FileCloud now allow quick ways to verify Let’s Encrypt SSL support
General Sync now shows how long each network folder and backup took to sync completely
General A more user-friendly error message is now displayed when a DLP rule is violated
General Solr no longer throws a ZeroByteFileException if it encounters a 0 byte file during search
General Smart DLP now supports improved search using pathContains and pathMatches
General Share dialogues now show count of users and groups in the tab
General Removed dangerous workflow options for moving a file when a file system object is created or removed
General Smart DLP reports the number of violations of each rule
General User share reports would not include results from a provided path. This no longer occurs
General Show user details for previous versions in Network Folders
General Optional configuration to disallow deletion of Audit logs by Admin
General Admins can now easily Unlock all files directly from the admin portal
General Admins can now change TOS and force all users to re-accept TOS
General ICAP file scans are now logged in Audit
General Increased efficiency of file transfers for large files by increasing the chunk size to 20 MB each
General 2FA emails are always sent regardless of settings, or despite the user being on a “do not email” list
General A fix was introduced for the loading indication when all available users are selected in user selection dialogues in admin portal
General A fix was introduced for an unresponsive UI when changing permissions of a share to view only
General For offline backup, Sync now runs backup for folders and files with the oldest backup date. This ensures a better opportunity for all network folder and backup jobs to run
General CSRF errors are no longer thrown when downloading an attached file from a .eml file
General UI fix for the upload button, as it was missing in the mobile browser view for public shares
General Linux upgrades no longer overwrite /var/www/html/resources/templates
General New options to filter rename/move operations in Audit were added
General New configs allow for syncing of Windows link (.lnk) files
General SSO login with some servers has been improved; the feature should function identically for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
General Timeout waits when starting up Solr have been increased
General UI fixes have been added for errors that were occurring in the AD Group Members import dialog
General Preview of Office documents on iPads now functions properly
General SimpleSAMLphp module upgrade from 1.16 to 1.18.3
General API security fixes to set SMS 2FA phone number and Resend 2FA code
General Solr no longer fails to manually runs content classification
General Solr now indexes large text files
General After files are moved, the UI now stops displaying a message that the files are moving
General FileCloud no longer displays an incorrect message that deleted files were not deleted
General When new Active Directory (AD) users log in, their FC accounts are now automatically created
General Users can now log in with passwords that use special characters
General Multiple sessions can now run using CloudDrive2e
General User can now install a new electron drive build over an existing one
General Electron drive’s Dev Auth window has been changed to a drawer component to improve functioning
General When a user clicks “Need Help” in a Whitelabel application, the screen displays custom branding
General Server Sync can now run for many hours without using excessive RAM


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