FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 7 – Oct 15, 2014
PATCH After Network share file change notification was sent to unrelated users
General Windows server components updated to latest versions
General Support Folder Stats for Network Shares
General Add Search function in recycle bin
General Allow User Login via Email
General Rename a folder or path that is shared should preserve sharing link
General Version History is lost when renaming a file
General Add ability to change the share url for a share
General New User Portal 100% width UI
General Support Apple Safari Browser Upload starting with version 6.0
General Beta support for NTLM SSO (Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA))
General Fix Paging of getfilelist shows redundant entries in Web UI
General Improve FC Upload speeds over the LAN over 3X via the browser
General Use display name instead of user name in templates
General Handle Loading and Display of Large number of files in a single folder
General FileCloud versions the image whenever it is rotated.
General Upload fail with quota exceeded will show proper error message
General Save to PlayList Dialog shows No Playlists
General NTFS helper service can now run on a different machine than what FileCloud is installed on
General Top level File Share cannot be copied
General Preserve Date and Time Stamps for files when files are moved etc
General Document Preview copies files to the local tmp folder instead of using the actual network share folder
General Fix Adding music files to playlist from a “Network Share”
General Share File Email doesn’t show name of the file or folder shared
General Support Access Based Enumeration for Windows Network Folders:Hide folders in network shares that users don’t have access to:
General Additional Filtering/Sorting options in Recycle Bin
General Sending a share mail after changing permissions might send invalid URL
General Support Sharing customization, No Sharing, Private Sharing only or All sharing globally or per user
General Hide Quota if “My Files” are disabled
General Support for Versioning in Network shares
General Enable log rotation for mongodb in windows
General Support Spanish language
General Support a “View Only” Public Share
General Allow forgot password to work for non-AD user accounts
General Playlists in web UI shows wrong number of items
Admin Improved Network Share Wizard
Admin Add support for strong passwords
Admin AD Group Listing fails when there is an ‘&’ symbol in a group name
Admin Support opening a default initial path on user portal open
Admin Fix UI Messages customization templates can be saved in the wrong order
Admin Support clearing the recyle bin automatically after X days
Admin Fix Unable to change Network Folders name
Admin FileCloud Admin browsing user File Listings navigation issue
Admin Add a way to customize the forgot password link for AD users
Admin Advanced User Portal CSS Customization Support
Admin Email Reminders sent to Admin when license is about to expire
Admin Group update is not working
Sync Reset offline network access db data when switching servers
Sync Fix issue with infinite loop for ‘Volumes’ sym link on Mac OSX
Sync Show the customized “Network folder” name used by the system
Sync Fix Files named backup under main user folder don’t sync
Sync Delete Confirmation when deleting a large number of files
Drive Check for newer version before open to avoid old cached copy overwriting new one on server
Drive Fix Paths with non-english characters
Drive Fix folder copy to local fails
Outlook AddIn Add link to either top or bottom of email via settings
Android Camera Upload Support to FileCloud


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