FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 17.3 – Jan 30, 2018
Major Browser based editing of documents using Office 365
Major GDPR Compliance in FileCloud
Major FileServer Sync to synchronize your File Server with FileCloud including mapping FC permissions to NTFS permissions
Major Centralized Device Management
Major Federated search: Ability to search for files within the entire organization repository
Major Full Fledged Sharing Support for Sync and Drive
Major Support DUO security 2FA
Major Policy support for managing users, groups effectively across the enterprise
Major Support Translations in Sync, Drive and Outlook
Major Support ability to create internal link to already shared file or folder
Major Support for creating new documents in the browser
Major Support for Read Only Sync Folders
Major New Outlook add-in File Browser
Major Support Watermarks in PDF Document Previews
Major Support Web editing of text files
Major Support for Automatic Daily Backup of FileCloud Databases for improved data safety
Major Support to alert users via email if they are nearing storage quota limits
Major Support new 64 bit version of the sync app that can handle more files
Major Support Arabic Language
Major Support Portuguese language – Jan 30, 2018
Sync Critical: Fix invalid sync state causing sync to have wrong sync information when compared to server
General Office 365 Online Editing issue with certain license classes with
General Fix editing issue with office online onpremise server
General PDF Watermarking not available in FileCloud Online
General Disable New Document option in public shares
General Support disabling notifications on specific folders
Admin Fix alerts when creating auto backups
Admin Support user name in upload reports
Sync Fix crash in sync app when sending remote policy to server
Drive FileCloud Drive shell extension not properly handling empty registry keys
Drive FilleCloud Drive issue when copying and renaming folder in network share. – Jan 14, 2018
General Office 365 Online Editing issue with multitenant clients
General Pagination issue with Network Shares
General PDF preview fails for network folder with UTF-8 chars in the path
General Cookie IP restrictions don’t work behind load balancers or proxies
Admin Improve usability for Policies
Admin File Integrity Workflow alerts should not be deferred
Admin Support Health data for Android – Dec 20, 2017
General Support new 64 bit version of the Helper Service
General Support not sending notifications for actions before certain number of days
General Support ability to enable or disable notifications to limited users.
General Fix default share notifications options are not applied when creating shares for network folders
General Fix audit auto archival timeout issue for large record sets
General Fix broken download link if last character in Share Name is a space
General Support disabling/enabling of notifications in specific Network Folders
General Support for public share searching
General Fix password reset if user name has space character in it
General Support for sending emails to new users and with option to email them their passwords
General Fix S3 Disable redirect key is not working
General Fix issue with thumbnails in network folders when having non english characters
General Fix combine PDF fails if the file names have special characters like & in them.
General Fix adding a folder doesn’t add automatically update search index
General Fix Admin AD password with special character does not save in settings
General Experimental support for multi-tenant NTFS file permission across different AD domains
General Support latest Collabora CODE for Web based document editing
General Use PBKDF2 to store user passwords more securely
General Renaming or Moving a shared file or folder will maintain the share
General Send an email to users when a share is going to expire
General Audit logs permission for Admin Roles don’t require User Permissions anymore
General Support TLS/SSL connection to MongoDB backends
General New Content Security Policy Support Headers
General Backup server exports complete user files when requested for single file
General Activity streams now contain location and ip address information
General More customizations for file notification emails including timestamp format and localization
General Add support for regex in Workflow Paths
General Fix don’t require password change for SSO users
General Fix minimum required MongoDB version to 3.2 instead of 2.4
General Fix remove shortcuts when share has been deleted or if user has been removed from share.
General Support ability to send password expiration email to user
General Fix user storage quota is not being applied to external invited user accounts to share
General Support ability to skip versioning when files exceed a specific size
General Fix do not allow default passwords to work for superadmin login
General Fix error when setting team folder account by admin with no team folder access
General Fix disallow renaming files with extensions that are restricted
General Support ability to set Default Upload Size Limit for Share
General Support ability to set expiration time for user passwords
General File Name restrictions can be set via the admin portal
General Site Admin Password can be reset via the multi-tenant superadmin site
General FC control panel in Windows shows a link for the Helper realtime config
General Add support to disallow Share Name Changes for Public Shares
General Fix hang when trying to Copy file when the alternate file name already exists
General Support for sending email reminders to admin when site license is going to expire
General Fix race condition when folder renames or move happen when another operation is in progress
General Improved initial install page
General Fix help link for LAN Network Folders
General Add support for Workflows passing params to scripts
General Fix debian package Install doesn’t check proper permissions for provided storage path
General Fix Google Authenticator is case sensitive and fails to login first time
General Improve the exportfs command line to use more regular syntax
General Support New User Orientation when logging in via the web browser
General Raise admin alert if we fail to send emails
General Fix reporting right sizes for file paths that might be removed
General Fix invalid entries when My Files are disabled
General Fix Activity stream doesn’t navigate to team folder
General Fix FileCloud Control Panel Contact Support email link is broken
General Fix Search not working on reshares.
General Support Search feature: Ability to filter only files or folders
General Fix When Storage path has a trailing \ at the end of the path, then preview fails.
General Fix Admin Portal share searches with partial owner name results in paging problem
General Fix Download as zip doesn’t store original file modification date
General Fix Admin not able to view public sample upload form from Admin Portal
General Fix QR code image is not displayed in IE 11
General Fix Dashboard Activity lists for reshared paths
General Improved Team folder performance when getting file listings
General Fix Invite button does not show up when the user email id has an apostrophe.
General Support Listing Active Sessions for a user in Admin Portal
General Support excluded users for “delete unused files and folders” workflow
General Add support in to show Automatically Empty Recycle Bin After Specified Days setting for FileCloud Online customers
General Support ability for users to clear partial uploads
General Fix zip name when folder name has dots
General Fix errors when importing contacts via CSV
General Support storing IPs associated with cookies
General Fix error in ServerLink when filename has [] in the name
General Fix Add Folder functionality not working in Team folders
General Fix pagination when you filter files
General Disallow file download if file download limit is set in share
General Fix: Blacklisted file extensions are able to be uploaded to server via webdav
General Fix problem with shared files download when user is logged as an admin in the same browser
General Add alert when adding same s3 bucket as source and destination for seeding
General Fix Admin Login fails when 2FA is enabled
General Fix 2FA->New code is not sent to email after invalid attempt
General Fix Workflow Names not encoded properly
General Support 2FA for multi-tenant superadmin login
General Fix remove all ACL permissions when the last entry is removed
General Add Description for enforced actions in Device tab when logs are requested
General Fix issue with running document preview with latest Java 152 update
General Fix Folder Copy failures in web browser under some conditions
General Fix change password screen hangs and disallows login
General Fix user account creation showing up in existing user’s activity panel
General Fix Team Folders not getting setup when a new account is set as team folder account
General Support auto account creation on shares when Allow Account Sign up is set to false.
General Support quota management using policies applicable to user groups
General Fix changing default share options does not appy to Network Shares
General Send an email notification to the user when upload fails due to limited disk space
General Fix quota enforcement issue with team folders if user has quota set
General Fix daily CRON jobs run every 5min instead of once a day
General Fix network folder versioning skip size not read correctly from settings
General Fix searchfor reshare of a network share path is not working
General Fix photo extensions not being handled if uppercase
General Fix license expiry is not shown properly in multi-tentant super admin site
General Fix SAML settings not getting saved in FC Online
General Support ability to select and save a previous version as a current version
General Support allowing workflow messages to be customizable
General Support tracking anonymous user access to public shares when using FileCloud to send custom links via email
General Fix improve performance of rename operation
General Fix DB mem limit errors during delete, copy on folders with lots of files
General Support changing AD group sync interval to be customizable instead of 24 hours only
General Fix multi-file zip download results in corrupted zip
General Fix SSO should not work for Limited Users with Default authentication
General Support ability download all files based on a specific date or previous version (ransomware protection)
General Fix wrong timezone in Alerts time stamp
GeneralFix wrong deletion of parent folder in Team Folders and My Files in admin portal
GeneralFix activity Panel for Limited Users is not getting disabled even when configured
GeneralFix global activity panel does not hide when “Disable Activity panel” option is checked in Admin -> Settings -> Misc -> General.
GeneralFix FileCloud appears in browser window before custom name shows up
GeneralSupport using native browser HTML5 plugins for audio playback
GeneralFix custom option to Hide Send Share Link Via Email option does not work
GeneralFix uploading a file in locked folder shows incorrect error message
GeneralSupport showing notifications in UI for folders have notifications enabled/disabled
GeneralSupport a new email template for file activity report
GeneralFix refresh after admin operation in user’s file management interface
GeneralSupport folder drag and drop support in IE Edge
GeneralAdd support for improved Image Viewer
GeneralShow Alerts not shown in admin ui for FileCloud Online
GeneralFix File Share Preview Gap Issue in IE and Chrome for lower resolutions
GeneralFix Paging widget not appearing for shares from a user
GeneralSupport rightclick menu for folder actions when no file is selected
GeneralSupport Image thumbnail when sharing single images
GeneralFix network folder navigation performance when document thumb preview is enabled
GeneralFix customization of Quick edit button
GeneralFix if same item is listed in name, selecting one of them, will select the other one as well
GeneralFix creating a new share it will not pull the default values for expiration date and password
GeneralFix share email dialog box needs scroll option when resolution is small
GeneralSupport using Web Editing configuration for document previews if setup
GeneralSupport TIF image thumbnails and preview for public shares
GeneralFix default file extensions to be case insensitive
GeneralFix Disabling some User details in Admin Portal for limited user accounts
GeneralFix Disabling some User details in Admin Portal for guest user accounts
GeneralFix Share Dialog not showing scroll bar when viewed in low resolution
GeneralFix Public share new folder option not working
GeneralFix issue with lock when names have the same prefixes
GeneralShow a column to indicate if public share is password protected or not in Admin Portal
GeneralBetter alert on login error when Admin logs in to user portal
GeneralShow Geo Location information in Audit and other activity streams
GeneralFix Link and URL in comment notification email for file uploaded to team folder is wrong
GeneralFix empty admin attention dialog when logging into FC Online
GeneralFix explicitly define behavior in Disable Share Email Notification Dialog customization option
GeneralSupport displaying which user it is publicly shared in share analytics
GeneralSupport including Password Protected (Yes/No) and Expiry Date (Yes/No) columns in the Shares report
GeneralSupport admin access to Deleted files and folders that are part of Team Folders
GeneralFix behaviour when multiple files/folders are selected in the browser UI
GeneralFix clearing recyle bin doesn’t show waiting message in admin portal
GeneralFix strange upload speeds shown in upload progress bar.
SyncFix potential socket leak in Sync app
SyncFix rename issue observed in Sync Filebrowser
SyncFix sync should not try keep applying changes to folders that are deleted but where they don’t have delete permissions
SyncShow sync settings even when sync is paused so that they can be changed
SyncFix blank space in sync app settings when Network Shares are unavailable
SyncFix Disable My Files causes Team folder not to sync
SyncFix Sync app keeps starting up Manual FS Scan again and again
SyncSupport resolve conflict option on right click of conflicted file
SyncFix Incorrect error messages when uploading files with bad filenames in Sync File Browser
SyncSupport improved in progress sync icon to handle different background colors in Windows task bar
SyncFix “Move to FileCloud” option shows error when trying to move a folder from other Drives to FileCloud Sync Folder
SyncSupport Locking Icon indication in Sync App overlay
SyncFix resolve conflict doesn’t work if file is open or in use
SyncFix Sync client to handle corrupt SQLLITE database conditions
SyncFix Crash when clicking on the Sync FileBrowser icon on left of the title bar
SyncFix Sync keeps uploading if selective folder sync is selected and there is another folder having the same prefix
SyncFix sync issue where the first selected folder has nothing to sync prevents other selected folders from syncing as well
SyncFix disabling my files prevents real-time syncing of network folders from working
DriveSupport closing drive app when running a new Drive installer application
DriveFix some errors when uploading and renaming files
DriveFix mounting drive fails in mac if user name has space
DriveSupport setting the volume name
DriveFix lock automatically on edit setting does not persist on restarts
DriveSupport ability to not remember password
DriveFix issue when passwords have special characters
DriveFix issue when uploading large files in Mac
DriveSupport New Open website option
DriveSupport better validation of server urls in account information screen in sync and drive
DriveFix crash when using a disabled account
DriveFix to prevent uploading files with leading or trailing whitespaces
DriveFix save issue during PDF creation when using Adobe Acrobat
DriveSupport allowing uploading of thumbs.db
DriveFix error where file is open in another location when using mac drive and sketch app
DriveSupport for High sierra in Mac Drive
DriveSupport Reset and Logout option from Drive and Sync
DriveFix FileCloud MacDrive error -43 upload problem
OutlookSupport installing outlook add-in for a standard user account
OutlookSupport installing outlook addin to all profiles
OutlookSupport TLS 1.2 only support in outlook addin
OutlookFix Share from filecloud option is not working under some conditions
OutlookAllow copying link to clipboard
OutlookSupport more customization options for share urls in outlook add in
Backup ServerNeed ability to send email after backup completes
Backup ServerFix: Backup Server script timezone issue
Fix ServerLink: RENAME Folder event didn’t have DELETE FOLDER Journal event and later caused a upload storage error
Fix ServerLink: Changes to user account having profile image in the master caused sync issue


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