FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 9 – May 20, 2015
General Saving Amazon S3 using ‘Save’ button can corrupt settings
General Custom Login Background Image Support
General Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption support
General Improved Amazon S3 configuration support including custom end points, region
General Custom Favicon support
General Custom Button Color and Hyperlink Support
General PDF Preview fails with Amazon S3 storage backend
General HTTP Range Header requests with S3 storage not working correctly
General Deleting a file with another file (different case) in recycle bin fails
General PHP Error with recyclebin clearing support
General Share Name has random characters when switching to private share under some conditions
General Memcached will bind to only for security
Sync Fix issue when deleting a folder, it also deletes some files with same name as folder at the same level
General Fix issue with Locking allowing uploads
General Fix issue with pagination not working for multi-tenant dashboard
General Fix Downloads don’t try to open blank tabs when downloading files
General Share Email not accepted by Email Server
Drive Better error notifications
General Support File Encryption for Managed Storage with Local Storage
General Two-Factor Authentication Support
General File and Folder Locking Support
General Recycle bin for Network Shares
General Real-time Syncing for Network Shares (Beta)
General Support Sync App for ReadyNAS (Beta)
General Option to disable “Download Folders”
General Show Folder Properties to get stats of folder
General Fix: No activity record for download folder
General Improve Multi-Site Admin UI to support showing total site quota used etc
General Sharing of a single File via NTFS shares is not working
General Enable sending forgot password emails using your email address instead of just username
Outlook Add In installer doesn’t work when installed as admin
General WebDAV skips virus scanning for upload files
General Activity Stream Panel Close vs Open Selection state is remembered
General Provide option to skip large files when downloading folders via Zip
General Upload only shares now will keep uploaded files in the list without removing them automatically
General Show drag and drop file upload queue all the time
General Improve Download Performance for Amazon S3
General Fix: issue with user search for file sharing
General Fix: No scrollbar in the search results view
General Remote wipe doesn’t wipe contents in This Device -Android
General Mobile clients should allow edit of downloaded files regardless of mobile policy
General Fix: Download count limits not applied for shares of external network folder
General Add search in Network Folder View
General Fix upload issue when user has space in name
General Show FileChange Notification options dialog for Network Folders as well
General Email notifications for file downloads, uploads to pulic shares
General Fix: No error shown when Network Sharing is diabled and user clicks on “Share button”
General Improvement error when deleting a file/ folder in a shared folder with Read only permission
General Incorrect implementation of password requirements when user changes passwords
General Show error message when one creates share for himself
General POODLE security fix: Patch http-ssl config file in Windows XAMPP:
General Fix: Guest accounts cannot do private share because search will not work
General Don’t change share link when changing share properties
General Fix: File table and grid navigation issue with paging
General Public share not allowing uploading folders
General Don’t Show Network Shares in WebDAV if there are no network shares setup
General Network Share names are not sorted in the Network Folder list
General If Private sharing Only mode is enabled, share names are incorrect
General Download Folder with NTFS permissions might download all subfolders even without user having access
General Sharing Folder with NTFS folders will check subfolders for permissions
General “Created On” date format not consistent with “My files” view
General Deleting a folder if it already exists in recycle bin fails silently
General Reject all file uploads with extension .php and php5
General Show User Display Name instead of user name in user portal
General Fix: User policy isn’t overridden correctly
Admin Provision new Sites as copy of existing sites
Admin Auto Sync AD groups with FC groups
Admin Admin Dashboard “Add Admin” not working for non-Admin user
Admin Fix: SPLA license with month old issue date when installed says license expired
Admin Fix: Clear Recycle Bin from Admin “My Files” doesnt work
Admin License shows as expired even though the license date has not reached
Admin Provide option to send email alert when login fails
Admin Provide option to do Automatic removal of expired shares
Admin Add more information in each RMC client to better identify instead of just OS etc
Admin Fix: When removing Network Folder, all user shares of those folders are cleared
Admin Fix: Remove temp zip files after download zip operations
Admin Prompt to change email server in admin alert dialog
Admin alert admin if Automatic Task or Cron has not been set
Admin AD settings not enabled when using language other than english
Admin Add user fails if the user name is Email ID and authentication is setup for Active Directory
Admin Admin summary Latest Files Added should show files from Network Shares as well
Admin SPLA licenses should renew automtically monthly
Admin Support multi-site setup with resetpw script for resetting admin password
Admin Add Ability to disable welcome emails to users
Admin Add ability to disable password changing by user accounts
Admin RMC devices should show latest devices first
Admin Fix: issue with ‘&’ in Product Name and Webbrowser Title
Admin Fix: Adding user account when logging in via Email with Uppercase samAccountNames fails
Admin Fix: When license is not installed, import users doesn’t provide proper error report
Admin Provide a way to disable “Remote Delete” feature in sync apps globally
Admin WebDAV File Download is not logged in Audit
Admin Add configurations to disable certain actions from being added to audit
Admin Audit Log Export – csv file shows an empty column “how”
Admin Fix: Add Group no longer requires email
Admin Support New AD LOGONNAMEPREFIX setting in UI when UPNs and samAccountNames are different
Admin Add to audit log for users imported from AD/LDAP
Admin No audito logs shown when opening a file from webdav
Admin Add memcache support
Admin When admin logs into user portal, show an appropriate error message
Admin Change Disable Approval Email to “Send Approval Emails for Users”
Admin Clear all alerts not working for non admin user, even with alert permission
Admin Network shares Filter doesn’t filter path containing “\”
Admin Pre-load data for new accounts is failing
Sync Support syncing to local folders that are mounted UNC paths
Sync Sync app allows selecting non-syncable Shared folder selection in Limit Sync Folders
Sync Provide Activity/Errors tab for Network Folders Offline Sync Activity
Sync Change Sync Folder doesn’t move existing network folders to new location.
Sync Remote Wipe not deleting all files when there are a lot of files synced or in network folders
Sync Don’t add ‘New folder’ during Windows scanning to avoid syncing temporary folders
Sync Sync app shows idle indication even when the manual tasks are running
Sync Network Folder Real-time Sync of folders might stall if there are intermediate folders that don’t work.
Drive Fix crash when changing max download file size
NTFS Helper Fix: Path Mapping has issues when replacing strings with same names
Multi-Site Specify max storage quota per site


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