FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 18.2

18.2.0 – Sep 27, 2018
Major New features to manage shares for visibility and access
Major Ability to view and share Medical Files in DICOM (.dcm) format
Major Sales Force Integration
Major New PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Search addresses data privacy compliance regulations
Major Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) Anti-Virus Scanning Support
Major DocIQ for Drive and Sync integration with MS Office products
Major FIPS-140 Compliance Support
General New option to disable notifications on the Drive Loading screen
General Drive users can share with non-FileCloud users
General Improved Error Reporting
General Document Converter upgrades to support AI and PSD file types
General New display of license information
General Improved monitoring of MongoDB clusters
General A new limit has been set on the amount of time between reset requests
General Policy users are now sorted alphabetically
General Sync users can now see Details and Metadata tabs without using a browser
General Drive and Sync users can now see Details and Metadata tabs without using a browser
General New Subscribe or Unsubscribe Options
General New link for deleting files
General Automation of removing users during AD group import
General Dashboard Quota Usage value corrected
General User detail dialog now refreshes after a storage quota update
General Errors no longer display when clearing a recycle bin with more than 110K of files and 1000 folders
General Pagination problem in Manage Files is fixed
General Locations are more specific and no longer display as unknown
General Audit log Filter search now shows results in range
General Filtered audit log results now match the exported log file
General Audit filtering now working for deleted events
General Email template for workflow notifications now provided
General Device in Admin’s email now reported exactly as it was configured
General Enabling document thumbnails displays a performance warning
General Drive no longer crashes when transferring data with the activity tab open
General After one PDF is opened, other PDF files may also be opened
General Right-Click Options in Drive now match Sync
General Email login with a plus “+” in the email ID no longer fails
General Messages in Drive are no longer blocked behind each other
General Now possible to rename folders in Drive
General Manageable email alerts sent for virus detection
General When storage encryption fails, the unencrypted file is no longer deleted
General Error reporting system now returns error codes in response XML messages
General Export tool now accepts target path parameter
General In MacDrive, Date Modified now displays correctly for files and folders
General Mac drive multi-window refresh issues corrected
General File upload no longer fails for large files on hosted sites (Amazon S3)
General Expanded path is now recognized correctly when specified
General ServerLink exception when synchronizing metadata values fixed
General Adding and editing a metadata attribute is now logged
General Superadmin panel now displays storage usage
General Multi-node systems Log cleanup problem resolved
General Policy Out of Memory error fixed
General Adding a User to the Global Policy no longer removes all other users from the policy
General Global proxy settings configured in Admin Portal are now being used by all components
General Report For Emails Sent in the Last 24 Hours Now Functional
General Search string with ampersand (&) in the name now returns relevant results
General Search is now working for certain files in shared paths
General SOLR search no longer fails if search result limit is set to unlimited
General Search now works for shared Network files and folders
General Issue with encryption on Windows Servers fixed
General ServerSync can now import permissions on folder containing percent (%) character
General Network folder contents are now sorted in alphabetical order
General Email login with a plus “+” in the email ID no longer fails
General Upload Size Limit now applied to public folder shares
General Private share names with special characters now display correctly in the notification email
General New private share is now visible as a public share after view is refreshed
General Download option is no longer shown even if the share doesn’t have download permissions
General Downloading a zip file with dot “.” now displays correctly
General Multi-site host name and URL now removes extra spaces at the end
General User Storage quota no longer overrides the Site Quota
General Deleting a file in Sync now moves file to recycle bin for Windows
General Desktop Search now searches after typing in a term and pressing enter
General Network folder contents are now sorted in alphabetical order
General Right-click options are now the same for Sync & Drive
General Locked File & Sync Client now use a clearer error
General Update now works if the scratch and config folders are not in the htdocs folder
General Direct Link option is not available when it doesn’t apply
General On the User Portal, custom page size value now persists
General On the User Portal, Favorites and shortcuts are now updated correctly
General A user’s email address is no longer truncated is when it is too long
General A user with a limited account no longer sees an option they cannot use
General Users with names that contain a dot “.” are now able to edit Shared Files
General Public shared videos with permission to download no longer reverts to restricted mode
General Workflow for file download now working
General Copy or move workflow action no longer shows user as ‘unknown’
General Workflow option is now visible in FileCloud Server hosted mode
General Unsubscribe link removed from workflow email template
General Workaround for Drive issue when saving multiple attachments from Outlook
General Workaround for Windows MongoDB crashing at regular intervals


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