FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 18.1 – May 7, 2018
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Major Metadata Support
Major New Linux Installer and upgrader for FileCloud
Major General bandwidth tracking and reporting
Major Support search from Desktop Sync and Drive Apps
Major Support fast data import into FileCloud with local storage
Major Support automatically select TLS configuration for Sync and Drive
Major Support PHP 7.1 and PHP 64 bit
Major Support Device Code Authentication in iOS & Android
Major Support Centralized devicemanagement for Offline folders in iOS
Major Support in app file browser in Android
Major Support @mention in comments in iOS
Major New FileCloud Control CLI app for Linux
General Fix Autobackup failure for HA setup
General Items deleted by workflow is not getting fetched when Operation is set to delete
General Network share not creating version when files are being edited using wopi
General Fixed session cookie invalidated after logout
General Fixed issue with Federated search
General Fix user search when user is also logged into admin portal
General Updated to latest Mozilla CA Certificate
General AWS S3 mounted as a Network share, is showing incorrect timezone
General Support automatically cleaning tmp folder
General Disallow adding disabled user email ids to private shares
General Site storage quota enforced incorrectly during copy operation
General Fix RMC file format name
General Fix Update tool is not copying helper configuration files
General Fix devices view Admin and User sorting.
General Fix Lock icon not showing when you lock any folder under shared with me folder
General Fix WOPI preview fails for anonymous shares
General Fix Auto DB backup must be enabled by default
General Fix sending emails on shares to accept comma delimiters with extra spaces
General Support Previous Versions listing to also show versionedon date
General Fix Folder Permissions security dialog not rendering permissions properly
General Fix Upload progress bar shows incorrect number when uploading multiple files and canceling inbetween
General Support disabling shares and locks for disabled users
General Fix opening a public share shows 401 unauthorized if an existing login session had expired
General Renaming a network folder will still maintain existing shares of child folder and file items
General Reject invalid text when creating new text document
General Fix Search error when search results contain a file with UTF-8 letters
General Fix autogenerated Policies user array assignment problem
General Support share options for sub-folders to disable notifications
General Fix Workflow last action time not getting updated properly
General Fix notification is sent even after disabling notifications for some folders
General Improvements to user selection dialog for policies
General Support indication when file items have comments or tags in browser listings
General Support features to prevent re-use of old passwords
General Fix fileinfo API issue with external files throwing exception
General Fix browser title string when upload only public share is accessed
General Fix new document creation options for public share links
General Fix unable to upload files with unknown extension by using Upload button
General Fix same shortcut can be added more than once in the browser
General Fixed toast notification is not being raised for file uploads to shares in network share
General Add support for 2FA for email login in admin portal
General Fix locations shown for access for public shares in dashboard activity
General Support showing an alert and warning in “Checks” when the audit DB is getting too large
General Fix problem opening user path if backup path has & in it
General Fix logo going up a little when we drag and drop files
General Support Limiting access to Office Online General for external user accounts
General Fix existing policies disappear upon adding a new policy with special characters
General Fix completion date for search results when no results are found
General Support sending email to admin if cron is not configured
General Fix remove download button in shares in mobile browsers
General Provide ability to limit number of items per notification email
General Fix download activity is not available in the share activity
General Support sorting of search results by recent first
General Add warning when Office Online editing is performed via http
General Remove extra NTFS ACLs being added after setting file ownership after upload
General Support showing a confirmation when changing permissions in share dialog
General Support Office Editing for doc, ppt, xls formats
General Fix photo rotation button inconsistency
General Fix unable to save current queue as a playlist because of the tool tip
General Fix Office Online editing for extensions with upper case
General Fix NTFS permission expiry time for cache is not being enforced
General Show indication when AD users are being imported
General Fix videos on a view only share can be downloaded
General Fix rendering of text with long names
General Fix some login Background images not loading in IE
General Support opening share home when clicking link in notification email
General Fix Solr Search wont show few extensions
Admin Fix error message when search string is empty for federated search
Admin Fixed Federated Search Errors when subadmin is logged in
Admin Fix Alerts data is being called twice for alerts screen
Admin Support FileCloud Online ability for customer to reset Admin password
Admin Fix invalid team folder account creation error
Admin Fix Central device management UI shows type column in wrong case
Admin Fix expiry date for multi tenant site still allows user login
Admin Support uploading the same license to multiple sites in one shot
Admin Fix user sessions logs out when admin session logs out
Admin Fix Policies available users is displayed incorrectly
Admin Fix Workflow error for condition ‘if a user’s last login is older than’ action delete user
Admin Support for setting Email Limits by the admin
Admin Support a way to disable getting started dialog
Admin Support a way to execute workflows manually
Admin Support sepate apache config file httpd-filecloud.conf for extra configuraitons like SSO
Admin Support ability for admins to look up shares accessible to users
Admin Fix loading screen for Manage Files on disabling My Files
Admin Improved Admin Dashboard Alert System (Non-blocking)
Admin Fix unable to reset the Group Policy
Admin Fix error when trying to upload any file in team folders
Admin Support more detailed information in audit log when share is updated
Admin Support to show more than 10 rows in a page
Admin Fix document preview in federated search
Admin Support option to hide Getting started wizard in admin portal
Admin Fix pagination Issue on Alerts in Admin portal
Admin Fix FCDocconvertor doesn’t work on JRE 1.9
Admin Support disablin solr not available email
Admin Support displaying total license in superadmin UI for multi-tenant systems
Admin Fix save button for customization
Admin Support Solr not running email should indicate which site is having the problem
Admin Support more information in audit log when limited users are created
Admin Show alert when an invalid regex (syntax) is provided for Skip Names in Network Folders
Admin Support showing version in FileCloud online dashboard
Admin Fix User quota data not refreshing immediately after quota-related actions
Sync Fix first time load refresh issue in Sync’s File Browser
Sync Fix initial language selection is set incorrectly
Sync Fix sync crash when remote policy is applied and local configuration changes are also done in sync
Sync Fix language change is not effective in all tabs.
Sync Show realtime network folder sync stats as part of the My Files and Shared Folders stats
Sync Fix UNC path specification requires two more slashes
Sync Speed up Moving Operation from cache to sync folder when on the same disk
Sync Support preventing Sync app and Sync as Service from running simultaneously
Sync Fix removing empty Sync List message from server when no automatic sync is enabled
Sync Support minimizing the FileCloud sync->settings screen
Sync Fix duplicate error messages
Sync Support language option to be handled by centralized device management for sync.
Sync Sync log doesn’t show all activity properly
Sync Fix selected item when offline Network sync is added to the list
Sync Fix Sync->Edit options are enabled without selecting any items in dutch language
Sync Show warning when Run Now is clicked and if sync is disabled
Sync Fix issue with “Cut” option in Ëdit menu of File Browser
Drive Guest user – search in drive fetches records of My files location and crashes app when we try to open the location
Drive Fix mute all notifications doesnt get saved when mac drive is restarted
Drive Support share expiration date in FileCloud sync and drive
Drive Fix Unable to Save as when using Adobe In Design OSX
Drive Support removing installed data on uninstall
Drive Fix Autolock issue for MS Word 15.41 and MacOSX High sierra
ServerSync Server Sync shows errors when the source path is a source drive leter (example: D:)
ServerSync Support Server Sync doesn’t start on computer startup


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