FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 19.1 – April 18, 2019
Major New Messaging Queue Improvements
Major New Governance Dashboard to view retention policy violations or conflicts
Major New Retention Policies secure digital content for compliance
Major Mobile Apps new sharing option to view in mobile browser
Major MSI Installer for Group Deployments of Drive
Major New viewer for working with email files
Major New User Account-Type Search Mode Added
Major Users can now log in to the Sync client using SSO
General (19.1.1) Fixes a problem detecting update availability for FileCloud Drive2
General (19.1.1) Fixes a regression issue that prevented the download of files greater than 512 MB and less than 2 GB
General (19.1.1) Corrects an issue that incorrectly interpreted the value “0” when automatic emptying the Recycle Bin is enabled
General (19.1.1) File Sharing now works with all the Show email preview Dialog options
General (19.1.1) File versioning now compatible with Upload Only setting on Public Shares
General (19.1.1) Migrated metadata values to support searches and supports its use in Governance ( Retention ) functionality
General (19.1.1) Fixes an issue that broke more PII pattern search
General (19.1.1) Workflow option now available for promoted admins
General Admin Portal now displays the number of members in a group
General Allow only specific file types to be uploaded
General Updated email notification of a file share
General Display network share files and folders with a dot in the name
General Solr updated to version 7.6.0
General Disable syncing of specific folder sets
General Limit Single Sign-On (SSO) login to users in specific groups
General Restrict specific file names from being uploaded by Sync
General Server URL Now Defaults to https:// in Sync
General Sync now checks for locked files before uploading
General User error messages no longer display whether or not a user account is valid
General Users with Lowest Quota Remaining report updated
General Dashboard reports for File Type Distribution and User File Distribution corrected
General Audit page zoom tools fixed
General Audit search now works for full email addresses
General Login to Admin Portal now works when SSO is enabled
General Helper version displays correctly
General Helper service retries connection when database is not available
General Audit logs export to CSV file column headings fixed
General Starting from FileCloud Control Panel no longer overwrites existing DocConverter AppParameters registry value
General Document Preview installation updated
General Document Preview warns users about large files
General Uploading a file to a Read-Only folder not allowed
General The Drive Activity tab updated to show correct time
General In Windows, the registry data for DisplayName and version corrected
General Windows users can now save an image file from Photos to Drive
General Mac Drive client now runs at startup and opens file browser screen
General Drive now handles large Excel files
General Mac Drive About and Help dialogs updated
General Drive upgrades preserve any custom configurations
General Drive now uses the same date-time format as the server
General Using Drive with SSO improvements
General Mac Drive 2 now displays file or folder name with special characters
General Mac Drive error message updated if FUSE not installed
General Helper can now skip folders when indexing
General Trying to access a locked file tells you who locked it
General Open files are uploaded and readable
General If sub-folder is locked, folders and files can still be moved into parent folder
General Metadata creation date corrected
General Metadata allows more than 10 attributes
General Existing metadata preserved when copying
General Team Folder copy error corrected
General Permissions and folder locking updated
General Temporary file handling added
General Automatically Empty Recycle Bin After Specified Days updated
General Upload file size limit allows only whole integer values
General All lock information removed when Disable option set
General Export of the shared items list matches Filter
General Parent team folder can be shared directly to users
General Full path to shared items no longer shown
General Sharing with new FileCloud user invitation updated
General Share Name now updated in Sync and Drive
General Manage re-shares improvements
General Server log files updated on large file upload
General Private key preserved when CSR generated through FileCloud Control Panel
General NTFS permissions always retained
General ServerSync ‘Save Log File’ improvements
General ServerSync detects if disk is unavailable
General ServerSync service and app run independantly
General Mac OS Sync Settings screen-handling improvements
General Mac OS Sync dock icons removed
General Mac OS Sync does not allow duplicate instances
General Special characters displayed correctly in Sync Properties
General Sync overlay icon improvements
General Sync with 2FA issues corrected
General Improvements to Sync Bandwidth Rate Limits
General Sync users can change http to https without problems
General Sync user warned when backup location is already configured on the server
General Download to Sync folder option corrected in File Browser
General Downloading a large number of files to Sync causes no delays
General Sync improvements when downloading from File Browser
General Sync option links no longer change colors when clicked
General Sync files now shown in correct order
General Sync and ServerSync now show unlimited storage quota as Unlimited Storage instead of 0
General Recent log panel in Sync Settings updated
General When MyFiles is disabled, the option does not display
General Recent Logs now displays delete-related information
General Sync users can modify selective sync, network and backup folders
General In S3 Storage, temporary files are cleaned up
General Creating a new network share does not create multiples
General If FileCloud user’s password is changed in AD, FileCloud recognizes the new AD password
General Can upload empty folder in the User Portal
General Incorrect password login attempt shows updated error message
General After running a workflow, the activity is displayed
General Workflow to delete old files in recycle bin completes without errors
General Workflows that move files from one folder to another completes without errors


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