FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 4 – Jan 23, 2014
Drive Tonido Drive uploads files twice under certain circumstances
Drive Tonido Drive not honoring permissions set on share
Sync Ignore .lnk files in sync client
Sync Set modified timestamps on downloaded files correctly
Sync Passwords are encrypted locally
Sync Organized sync app context menu
Sync Sync download of 0 byte files might fail sometimes
UI Support individual language for each user in the web interface
UI Support for cleaning up previous versions and old versions of files
UI Show detailed file stats for user files in settings
UI Show Shared indication on files or folders in user portal
General Improve FileCloud Installation flow with setting localstorage path
General Manage all User Shares from Admin Portal
General Utility script to reset admin password
General Script for detecting and fixing orphaned files
General Support Favorites for Network Share and Shared with me.
General Allow admin to reset password and email to user in one single action
General Allow admins to set passwords explicitly instead of system generated password
General Better User list paging and sorting support in admin portal
General Add setting for disabling shared files being counted towards user quota
General Provide admin alerts when there are system issues in admin portal
General Manage Do-Not-Email List from admin portal
General FileCloud now sends daily summary email to admin (which can be disabled)
Bugfix Sharing folders inside smart mount network folder doesn’t work
Bugfix When versions is set to zero, trying to add same file, results in two versions
Bugfix Sharing same folder from External and My Files shows same URL
Bugfix Downloading previous version file doesn’t work properly
Bugfix Recycle bin doesn’t open in web interface sometimes
Bugfix Import AD user doesn’t send approval email
Bugfix Guest Account creation should not import sample files
Bugfix Email id uniqueness not enforced on AD/LDAP import
Bugfix CSV import might cause some uniqueness issues for database entries
Bugfix Tooltip preventing button click in user portal
Bugfix Network folder’s smart mount incorrect user/group count
Bugfix RMC Devices List Paging is not working
Bugfix Upload queue is hiding copy/paste clipboard
Bugfix Recycle bin items have full set of context menu
Bugfix Audit log delete function has no confirmation.
Bugfix import using mac line endings of csv file fails to work properly
Bugfix Email template broken for files with special characters
Bugfix File Share Notification has more details
Bugfix Audit log shows more detailed information – Nov 24, 2013
General Added Selective Folder Sync in sync client
General New Unity and GTK compatible FileCloud sync client for Linux
General Expanded Remote Device management to include Drive and Sync Clients in addition to mobile devices
General Now Administrators can manage user files through the Admin UI for better control
General Added Importing Users from an Active Directory group for easy user provisioning
General Added trimming of Audit logs to manage the audit logs size
General Expanded audit log details to include share files through emails
General Added support for HTML emails in templates
General Reset customizations and Setting from Admin Panel
General File Change Notifications expanded to provide additional details
General Added sending shares to multiple email addresses
General Improved the sync client stability to address edge cases in various network conditions
General Bug fixes to address AD and LDAP configurations
General Bug fixes in File preview to address special characters in file names
General Fix for zip files download in Mac OS.
4.1 – Oct 27, 2013
GeneralAD and LDAP Config via UI don’t work if adconfig.php and ldapconfig.php files are not present
GeneralAllow Sync clients to login even if down level RMC is disabled
GeneralIncreased memory limit for PHP to handle large image resizing
4 – Oct 14, 2013
GeneralDocument Preview Support when browsing files using a web browser (DOCX, DOC, PPTX, PPT, XLSX, XLS)
GeneralMobile Device Management support to manage connected devices like iphones, android phones or tablets
General Settings and customizations can now be done via the Admin Portal instead of editing config files
General Notification emails when files are modified or shared (useful for shared folders)
General Improve performance when loading audit logs
General Add sync database constraints to avoid duplicate records in some conditions
General Add content-length to fix malformed xml sync records under some network conditions
General Fix bug in Managed Storage Copy/Move function
General Several new features and enhancements to Admin Portal


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