FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 13 – Sep 28, 2016
Major Desktop SSO for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive
Major Workflows for automating actions in FileCloud
Major Granular Permissions for Folder Shares in Managed Storage (My Files)
Major Show thumbnail previews for Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF documents
Major Password Protected Shares
Major Automatic creation of user accounts when inviting users to share
Major Amazon S3 connector to connect S3 buckets as remote network shares accessible via FileCloud
Major Anti-Ransomware Features: Heuristic file content scanning engine
Major File Browser app to support easy file access to all server files when using sync (Windows, OSX)
Major New Google Chrome “Save to FileCloud” extension
Major New Google Chrome “FileCloud for Gmail” extension
General Share URL doesn’t work during cleanup when the path has special characters
General Fix issue with old share links don’t work anymore
General Translation fix for upload queue
General Amazon S3 Network shares upload doesn’t work into non-root paths
General Prevent thumbnail generation for files that are not supported
General Amazon S3 Network shares remove time limit for uploads
Backupserver File list shows empty in the backed up list
General Favorites: Unable to delete a shared path from favorites list
General Directory Scraper parsing fails if path has % character
General Fix disallow movie file download on Safari on certain shares
General Fix error when sending share email in Firefox
Admin SSO login for Admin UI optionally allows skipping the FileCloud admin UI login screen
Admin Fix failure saving setup checklist in Admin UI
API Fix make version live for files with more than one version
API XML parsing problem due to bad meta record – Aug 24, 2016
General Fix: 0 byte files don’t download with encrypted storage
General Fix: Admin passwords with < in them don't work
General Network Shares content search doesn’t work correctly
General NTFS based network shares using Helper doesn’t display permissions correctly
Admin Unlock operations not working correctly
Admin Unsubscribe email dialog should use TOEMAILID
Admin Allow option to skip Admin Login Screen when using SSO
Admin Fix: User level new account policy doesn’t get saved properly
Sync Fix: Device Auth Code Login doesn’t open the devices screen correctly
Sync Fix: crash on exit under some circumstances – Aug 11, 2016
General Critical Fix: Moving folder containing file with multiple versions can remove current version. – Aug 09, 2016
General Fix disabling locking prevents file downloads and uploads – Aug 08, 2016
General Fix using directory scraper with UNC network share paths doesn’t work – Aug 06, 2016
General Fix: Error when re-sharing files or folders
General Update Windows Server components to Apache 2.4.17, PHP 5.6.23, OpenSSL 1.0.2
General Allow setting to select default sort order of file items in the web browser
General Fix: Use GB everywhere instead of inconsistent usage of Bytes, KB or GB
General Show proper error message when file upload fails with virus
General Support for force password change on login
General Support Drag-and-Drop File Upload on Microsoft EDGE
General Users are now prevented from changing display name directly
General Allow file download when viewing files in slide show
General Disallow renaming files to files in restricted file extension list
General Improve notification email formatting
General Disable sharing for network share will hide share options for users
General Allow Locking and Unlocking only if Write permissions is allowed
General Allow copy paste of folder to same folder with different name
General Fix IE 11 PDF printing
General Support showing a specific file as a default file for selection and preview when entering the folder
General Support CSV export of users
General Show proper message from AD server (password expiry etc) when login fails
General Backups folder doesn’t show sync allowed
General Fix Document preview mode not working in Microsoft IE edge
General After uploading via public anonymous uploader, the completed entries should be removed
General File Listings allow customizing number of items in the list
General Fix Share UI issue when language set to dutch
General Detect image orientation from image exif data
General Allow users to edit Share Name
General Allow ability to filter and show single file when sharing a file privately to another user
General Fix guest user quotas are also being counted towards allocated quota
General Allow searching shares based on URL
General Show single file share preview in full screen mode
General Display full filepath in search results
General Fix incorrect flagging of certain names as duplicate folders
General Fix issue with copying and downloading files > 4 GB
General Thumbnails are now supported for TIFF Files
General Disable error checking on restrict downloads for private share
Admin Decryptall in multi-site will decrypt the default site
Admin Add watchdog for openoffice server
Admin Improved Multi-tenancy dashboard, including sorting and filtering
Admin Multi-tenant dashboard shows days to expire columns
Admin Add option to disable email notifications for Limited User accounts
Admin FileCloud Component upgrade tool checks the space available before install
Admin Patching should stop on partial zip download
Admin Fix: “Manage Groups” filter box is titled incorrectly as filter shares
Admin Fix 2FA : invalid security code behavior in admin login is not the same as user login
Admin Allow changing number of user shares per page in Shares View
Admin Fix: Search doesnt work for remote solr server
Admin Disable using user email information when sending share via email
Admin Check permissions when adding network shares
Admin Add restriction for file document preview
Admin Add support for Admin portal login using SSO
Admin Support disabling email notification for a single network share
Admin Support for new FileCloud Document Converter (including LibreOffice)
Admin Fix Short urls are not removed, when the user is deleted from the system / or the share is deleted.
Admin Support email notifications when new devices connect to FileCloud
Admin Support additional search options for RMC devices like version number
Admin Show warning before user delete
Admin Multi site installations have site specific log directories for easier debugging
Admin Fix proper error when entering invalid 2FA code in admin login
Admin Allows blacklisting of email domains that users are disallowed from sharing files with
Admin Disallow lock API when locking is disabled by admin
Admin Fix importing from AD groups where where sam name and group name are different
Admin Add support for expiring temporary passwords
Admin Add ability to hide latest files added in admin UI
Admin Audit logs show the password of the user in clean text for some calls
Admin Multi-site should not allow hostname to have http or https prefixes
Admin Fix decrypt all in multi-site setups might decrypt using the wrong key
Admin New layout for misc tab in settings
Admin Support TLS/SSL connection strings for Amazon S3
Admin Fix audit messages for Copy/Move folders
Admin Fix SERVERLINK replication should not send email notifications
Admin Allow exporting current shares
Drive Improve Filecloud drive performance
Drive Fix: Filecloud drive doesn’t handle nested folder permissions properly (NTFS)
Drive Provide option to disable opening of File Explorer on startup
Drive Show uploading information and errors via status dialog
Sync Handle conditions when connected network share is unavailable at the top level
Sync Fix: Sync app is displayed in Audit Logs with extra %20
Sync Fix: Sync sets 700 on all files in Mac OSX user home directory
Sync Fix: Initial sync with pre-existing local files gets overwritten from remote server
Sync Ignore network folder recyclebin folders when syncing files
Sync Fix: Underlying file open for Quick Edit can be removed on Mac OSX even if currently being used
Sync Sync runs on top status bar Mac OSX
Sync Sync is now installed in the program files folder instead of APPDATA
Sync Configuring Network Folders is shown in the main context menu
Sync Optional CRC and Timestamp mode for syncing files to detect file changes without size changes
Sync Support disabling some file and folder locations from backup
Sync Add notification for skipped in use files
Sync Allow disabling all notifications from sync app
Sync Add custom property to adjust value that triggers % deleted approval prompt
Sync Fix command line sync app doesn’t work if the username is specified in UPPERCASE
Sync Ignore temporary files while syncing
Sync Allow realtime indexing to be done in Windows while server runs in linux
Sync Fix Valid .cache files should not be ignored
Sync Add custom property to change frequency of manual periodic scan for sync folder in network folders
Sync Fix uploading files with special characters creates ghost files in network folders
Sync Provide a way to disable explorer right click options like Move etc
Sync If upload fails in backup, check for path and re-create folder
Sync Fix removing a file will show wrong message
Sync Killing sync in middle of upload doesn’t exit process
Sync Allow users to change progress indicator for dark backgrounds
Backup Fix issue with duplicate folders when starting the same backup job manually that is already scheduled


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