FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 19.2 – September 06, 2019
Major Data Leak Prevention is now available
Major The new Content Classification Engine is available for use
Major FileCloud Server now offers integration with most major SIEM providers
Major Admins can now enable 2FA via SMS for select users, groups, or their entire organization
Major Support for AZURE BLOB support for managed and network storage
General Fix CSRF issue when user is also logged into the administrator portal
General Changes implemented for CSRF check hardening
General X-Frame now integrates with SalesForce
General Data is now written back to the DB even if users don’t perform a proper exit from the Drive app
General Server Sync now only accepts local folders for syncing
General When a large local high-level folder is deleted, a single delete request is sent to the server for the parent folder and all subsequent children folders, preserving server bandwidth
General Reports are now available for tracking file activity, including detailed reporting for movement types like downloads, uploads, and shares, as well as the exact count of each movement type
General When an admin edits the retention policy definition, more information about what has changed will be added to the retention audit
General Usernames can now include certain non-alphanumeric characters like & and +
General The web UI now indicates that users can drag and drop files into the server
General When a ZIP archive is created on a white label installation of FC, it is marked as being created by the white label organization
General When using FileCloud 19.1, /var/www/scratch/tmp gets filled with excess thumbnails. This no longer occurs
General Drive 2 no longer sets a file’s creation time in UTC
General Exposure field description now labeled “Exposure Time”
General The image rotation tool no longer reduces image quality after rotation
General Notifications are provided in Share Activity if a user viewed a file
General Outbound audit emails now indicate the email address of the recipient
General Drive2 no longer crashes on Mac OS systems when clearing the cache or attempting to move files
General Errors no longer thrown to log while parsing text EXIF data
General The Web UI now allows users to upload a folder via drag-and-drop into a public share
General Notification emails are sent if enabled by the user for self-modified files
General When setting up a DLP rule on to prevent a user from downloading or sharing a particular file or folder, the admin should be able to view the violations from the admin dashboard DLP. Violations are now reported
General FileCloud no longer times out regardless of how long a backup task runs
General Users can now create Limited user accounts with any domain name, including that of the FileCloud installation
General Multiple instances can now mount to the same drive point
General skipdeleteapproval value wasn’t displaying confirmation UI for serversync. It is now displayed
General Drive2 no longer shows empty folders after clearing cache
General The user UI login page no longer renders too narrow, with white bands on the side
General Proper file path is now recorded with audit
General File object counts now increment by 1
General Folders with no subfolders were backed up without issue, whereas a backup of a folder with subfolders threw an error to the log. This no longer occurs
General Result pages are cleared when the “Clear” button is pressed on the Search dialogue
General Users can now reset their password regardless of the setting for Number of Previous Passwords that cannot be reused
General Preview now works for all-caps PDF file extensions
General The UI has been updated to use jQuery v3.3.1
General User dialog no longer appears when skipdeleteapproval is set to true
General Dialogue text no longer overlaps when server sync is paused
General The UI now provides an option for an orientation value of NaN
General An image’s date now automatically changes if the image is opened or modified
General The UI now automatically logs out after a password change
General Enabling Disallow Commonly Used Passwords would in turn disallow all passwords. This no longer occurs
General Mobile users can now upload files even if the allowed version limit is set to -1
General An error is thrown if the user has “My Files” disabled, or if there is no path for storage for the logs
General When previewing shared files that only have View permission, Office file types would fail to show on desktop. This no longer occurs
General Drive2 no longer deletes files upon creation if the user did nothing to modify the file’s name at the time of creation
General Support for MongoDB 3.6
General Support added to install builds from patch release channel
General Improved message for team folder delete operation confirmation box
General Improved User experience for file preview
General Rename operation no longer forces UI refresh
General Renaming a file or folder pre-selects the file/folder name
General Limited users can’t see Clear deleted files anymore
General If the Message Queue service is not installed when Apache is started, it will be installed and started
General Sync should be more responsive when syncing is paused or exited
General Sync should start up quickly even when syncing millions of files
General Filenames with space in them are skipped without any errors or notifications on the Mac
General Server Sync now synchronize folders even if the remote folder name and the name of the folder at the first level of local sync folder are the same
General Server Sync now has an option to scan for file changes at a set frequency to detect file modifications when large files are being saved
General Sync no longer skips files or folders with ‘/’ in them on Mac OS
General Sync client no longer overwrites existing NTFS permissions
General Server audit logs no longer contain too many registerrmc API calls
General Approval dialog for numerous files changes no longer appears for a small number of files
General Download permission is no longer required for maximizing a video
General Users can specify sort selections based on the admin setting.
General Issue with search not working for paths containing ‘&’ has been fixed
General SOLR issue for multi-tenant setup has been fixed
General If an upgrade is performed, the FileCloud control panel now points to the filecloud.conf file, where changes made to the apache config file are stored.
General In multi-tenant sites, only default site will allow upgrades.
General The Retention – Remove metadata button is no longer active when a metadata condition should be disabled
General When using the filter, the input field should be automatically cleared when entering a folder.
General Retention expiry date doesn’t affect save operation anymore when not changed.
General When allow delete option is enabled for a group, files can be moved to a new destination without any error
General A new icon, indicating whether delete operation is permitted, was added to the Details panel
General Pagination support was added to user locks page in the admin UI
General Notifications list will automatically refresh every 15s


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