FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 12 – Apr 25, 2016
Major Support for Full Text search in documents
Major Beta support for FileCloud ServerLink (separate licensing) which allows synchronizing a FileCloud server to another
Major Support for New FileCloud Microsoft Office Add-In
Major 2FA support for Google Authenticator
Major Performance improvements when listing network folders with NTFS Permissions (Requires updating Webserver components)
Major Two Factor Authentication support for Admin
Major Allow users to edit the share email send when inviting users to a share
CRITICAL NTFS Network Folders:If using Network Shares with NTFS permissions you will need to upgrade your web server installation:
General Short URLs for shares are now like http://host/url/myshorturl (old urls will also work fine) – Apr 25, 2016
General Fix: Error when re-sharing files or folders
General Fix: Users when created should default to “DEFAULT” for sharing mode
General Fix: Share mail uses sending user email address incorrectly in share email
General Fix: Files uploaded to network folders > 4 GB don’t upload correctly – Apr 05, 2016
General Fix: Files with ‘ don’t download from Amazon S3 backend if direct download is enabled
General Fix: Handle NTLM username in lowercase or uppercase
General Fix: Content search fails for search path with space
General Fix: Server returns Realtime Indexing timeout error when adding files – Mar 23, 2016
General Fix issue uploading .evtx files
General Clear activity history when file is deleted – Mar 21, 2016
General Shared file preview is not working correctly
General Unable to create folders/files with umlauts when running old PHP versions < 5.6
General Hide Usage stats and Quota if My Files is disabled
General Support custom expiration times for 2FA codes
General Fix creating a share from Shared Folders view for a Network Shares path fails
General Hide Quick Edit option for single file share view
General Disallow changing shared path location once share is created – Mar 14, 2016
General Fix handling invalid file and folder paths properly – Mar 12, 2016
General Under some cases, uploading large files to Network Shares may not set parent folder permissions correctly
General File names uploaded are automatically converted to UTF-8 normalized form when uploaded via browser
General Fix duplicate file or folders with different UTF-8 normalization is blocked
General Disallow Deletes when sharing folders privately (while still providing uploading new and modified files)
General Store deleted dates for files stored in recycle bin
General Ability to filter user share list
General Ability to filter lock list
General Fix improper audit log from webdav
General Disallow Drag-and-Drop upload works for recycle bin
General Disallow Quick edit for view only private shares
General Fix recent activity shows viewing activity for view only private shares
General Recycle bin should save the file in the full path where the file was deleted
General Disallow allowing Non-AD users to access content if username matches user in AD (matching NTFS permissions)
General Fix adding favorites doesn’t work for “Shared with Me”
General Allow overwrite support for file copy and move if files or folders already exists
General Allow guest users to add favorites
General User quota when set to unlimited says 0, instead of unlimited
General Change option name from Delete to “Remove from favorites”
General Fix comments are not deleted after a folder is removed
General Fix locked files list shows files in Deleted Items
General Improve image thumbnail quality
General Fix issue with re sharing a private share
General Play video directly from single file share view
General Setting session timeout of 0 only sets minimum timeout of 15 mins for web browser
General Improved folder size usage information now available for users
General Fix search results from partially uploaded files
General Fix some files cannot be uploaded if the name differs from existing file names with characters like . or –
General Add user level email notifications override for global settings
General Fix scroll bar does’nt show up in search
General Add support for Quick Edit for .IDD and .PSD, XLSB
General Disallow copy of text in view only mode for files
General Fix errors with permissions during download as zip
General Short URL for share changes when switching public to private and there are pre-existing private shares
General Show expired shares differently in the file listings
General Add ability to customize Login Error message so it can have link to reset password
General File downloads larger than 4.5GB fails
General Fix Comment is not getting deleted for read-only shares
General Hide Move and Delete options
General Allow selection of multiple items using Shift + Click
General Support natural ascending sort order for browser sorting
General Show more details on uploading errors via browser
General Hide OS level hidden files in Network Folders (desktop.ini, $RECYCLE.BIN, anything with *.lnk)
General IE caches PDF preview in web browser
General Thumbnails are not shown for large files (greater than 100MB)
General Allow case change in files and folders via sync or browser without errors
General Optionally assign ownership automatically to username who uploaded a file or created a folder for Network Folders
General Allow advanced option to do quick edit for all file types without extensions
General Add improvements with reducing port exhaustion issues on Windows Servers
General Add print button for previewable documents in single file view
General forgot password fails when using email address
General Fix condition when S3 storage doesn’t find a temp folder
General Upload doesn’t work for windows event log file in Google Chrome
General All Favorite lists are selected when one is selected
General Multi-tenancy issue with redirecting sites when URL has HTTP non-default port
General Share email is not sent to all users if one of them is in do not email list
General Fix issue where email alerts are sent continuously when password expires for example and login is locked
General Support sending file change notifications for NTFS permissions based network folders
General Highly secure short URL generation
General Highly Secure random password generation
General Password reset message shouldn’t reveal user existence
General Security 2FA code is resent on any entry failure
General Fix notification email text to be more generic
General Fix users added via ADFS should be lower case
Admin Allow access to Recycle bin for Admins
Admin Change title for “Disable My Files Sync” option to add Automatic Sync of Network Folders
Admin Fix issue to import AD group members to use case insensitive group name
Admin Support disabling ABE per network share
Admin Add support for custom datetime formats when scraping Directory Scraper
Admin Allow Multi-AD authentication to support accounts with duplicate usernames
Admin Fix disabling Preview in customizations disables Quick Edit option
Admin Allow changing Limited user storage quota
Admin Preview operation is now shown correctly in Audit log
Admin Fix Forgot password email generates blank password if min password length is set to zero
Admin AD Group List should allow selection of group during import
Admin Fix Group createdon time is shown incorrectly
Admin Adding a user prompts to add admin permissions when setting user as admin
Admin Cron job should clear partially uploaded files automatically after X days
Admin New watchdog service to detect failures and restart webserver and database
Admin Fix audit logs to show actual user who made changes instead of generic admin
Admin Support importing of AD group where SAM Group name is different from Principal name
Admin When changing Network Folder name show alert saying this will affect existing configured sync apps
Admin Fix AD configuration stays in database, even when switched to non-AD configuration
Admin Support ^USERNAME^ tag in password recovery email
Admin Fix incorrect quota usage reported when shares are included in the space calculation
Admin Display actual client IP in Audit logs
Admin Add device information to the audit logs
Admin Password reset script should clear all admin lockouts
Admin Fix Audit log shows file preview multiple times
Admin Add script to delete user from command line (useful when user has lot of data)
Admin Add audit log entry when FC is upgraded
Admin Disallow using HTML tags in group names
Admin SMTP password not returned via API for Admin settings UI
Admin Settings is empty when admin user is given access to settings only
Helper Fix issue where NTFS Helper caches permissions even when the path is invalid
Helper Update to latest MongoDB C library
Helper Increase expiry caching time for permissions check
Helper Installer should not replace any of the ini files on update
Sync Renaming folder immediately brings back old folder under some conditions
Sync Not showing overlay for “Shared With Me”
Sync Sync should avoid syncing for a while if it gets quota error
Sync Ignore Thumbs.db during sync
Sync Show FileCloud sync folder in the Explorer menu
Sync Hide launch window after quick edit
Sync Add option to allow files with “..” files
Sync Auto create a shortcut in Finder pointing to the FileCloud folder.
Sync Fix remote wipe doesnt work if network folder name is changed from default
Sync Allow timemachine files to not trigger unknown files warning on Mac OSX
Sync Allow locking and unlocking files support in right click menu via Sync app in Windows
Sync Add XML option to disable automatic version checks
Sync Don’t show notifications (baloons) for all skipped files
Sync Advanced Offline Mode doesnt show listings for folders configured as Local to Remote
Sync Add option to not re-upload files to server if already exists on remote server
Sync Fix advanced offline folders list doesn’t show backup jobs
Sync Retain original modified date when files are uploaded
Sync Enable Remote Delete if “Automatic Sync” is selected
Sync Using removeunshared option should not remove individual files
Sync Sync treats network folders with usernames as paths in My Files
Backup Server Fix backup starts at the wrong time due to Timezones
Backup Server Fix incremental backup issue
Backup Server Show backup type in the list of backup jobs
Backup Server Add script to delete older jobs
Backup Server Export files of all users
Drive Remove shortcut to FileCloud drive executable from desktop
Drive Installer now installs in Program Files instead of AppData
Drive Add support for TLS 1.2
Drive Fix User authentication lost after inactivity
Drive Improved Terminal server support
Drive Customized FileCloudDrive application does not auto start
Drive Retain original modified date when files are uploaded
Drive Support new filesystem driver version level
Drive Improve behavior when copying into Readonly folders
API Fix getfavoritelistforitem returns string instead of xml
API Fix getdiskusagedetails returns string, instead of xml
API Fix issue with deletepartialuploads
API Fix getadgroupmembers returns string instead of xml


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