FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 6 – Jun 22, 2014
General Support for enforcing permissions on NTFS shares
General Support for Multiple Admin Users
General Support for easy Multi-Tenancy
General Amazon S3 storage backend support
General Support Drag-and-Drop Folder Upload in Google Chrome
General Sync on Mac doesn’t sync files > 2 GB
General Improved support for IE11
General Licensing system now uses domain URLS for production systems
General Mac OSX Sync app is now signed so that GateKeeper setting with “Allow Appstore and apps from trusted developers” allows app to launch
General Access by disabled user account doesn’t show in any audit logs
General Folder Search is now case insensitive
General Disable recycle bin UI option if recycle bin is disabled in settings
General Allow users to leave shares that are shared with them
General Increase complexity length of Public Share URLs
General Add sorting and search functions for “Shared with Me”
General More information in admin summary email
General Automatically update the DB to new versions when new updates are found during update
General Remote Wipe doesn’t delete Offline Network Folders in sync app
General Use user account display name in email FROM field
General Add check for any server Time Skew from actual time
General Sorting support for Network shares and Shared Files
General Improve Audit messages under some conditions
General “Disable notifications” is missing for the top level folder of the shared item
General Setting quota to 0 bytes makes user field uneditable
General Check Storage Quota only on File Completion to improve performance when there are large number of files
General Disable browser caching for FFDC log generation
General Fix issue where uploading 0 byte file via IE hangs
General Properties of a shared folder containing data reports no files, no folders no bytes
General Install check doesn’t flag missing storage
Sync Conflict file present for one file name blocks all file propagation with same filenames but different extension
Sync Add ability to reduce logging verbosity
Sync Context menu seems to be hidden in FC Sync on Ubuntu 14.0.4.
General Remove a shared folder automatically when user is deleted
Install Fix installation issue on Ubuntu 14.04
General Disable sharing for disabled users
General Recreating public shares will now create random URLs
General Outlook Addin now supports HTTP proxy


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