FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 5 – Mar 08, 2014
iOS Support Automatic Media File Uploads to FileCloud
New Languages supported Dutch, German and Italian
Sync Support Network Folders Offline Sync
Sync Support Backup of folders from Windows, Mac OSX, Linux to FileCloud
Sync Support HTTP Proxy
Sync Share a file via link using Desktop Sync app
Sync Show status icon overlay for files on Windows
Sync Report Quota Exceeded for user
Sync Handle renaming folders properly when only change is case change
General User Sharing: Set limit to number of downloads for public file shares
General Provide sorting by date on the web portal
General Allow Previous Versions on Shared Files if write permission is set
General Disable email share notifications for disabled accounts
General Unable to rename folders that are shared with me
General It is now possible to clear all old versions for a user account
General Disallow creating folders with empty trailing spaces or with same case insensitive names in the file listings
General Upload button is missing when viewing network shares
General Add Download Folder support for the top shared folder
General Skip file and folders with Unicode characters in Network folders
General Use user’s email as From Address when sending share links
Admin Audit Report Improvements
Admin Better error messages for CSV and AD Import
Admin Allow logging level change from UI
Admin Support translations
Admin Importing user or creating new user should send a welcome email to the imported/created user.
Admin Fix Created-On Field in Audit CSV file export.
Admin Audit Records Filtering: Add date range and column for username
Admin Indicate Expired Shares in shares listing
Admin Trim log files automatically if they become too large
Admin Allow installing license using Admin Portal
CloudDrive If upload fails, persist the file and retry upload
Outlook AddIn Rendering Issue under some situations
Outlook AddIn Settings dialog doens’t open if config.xml has old non-working server


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