FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 15 – June 13, 2017
Major Team Folder Support
Major Enterprise File Search
Major Speedup Network Folders Performance with NTFS permissions by using Memcache
Major Redesigned user dashboard with shortcuts, recent activity and recent files
Major Improved Share Management: Share Activity, Number of activities and Last Access time
Major Facebook style notifications on user and system activity
Major Web Browser upload progress bar improvements
Major Users can setup profile images that shows up in file activity and comments
Major User browser sessions times out gracefully
Major Outlook Add in now has full sharing support
Major Updated Sync app with new management UI
Major Support for AWS Customer Provided Encryption support
Major Mass Deployment Default Configuration Support for Sync, Drive, Outlook Add on
Major Seeding functionality for quick loading of files into Managed Storage from Local and S3
Major Support for PHP 7.0, Ubuntu 16.04, New MongoDB Driver
Major Integrated FileCloud Windows Installer with Content Search, Document Preview and Helper – June 13, 2017
GeneralCritical: FIX Amazon S3 storage db schema not updated to the latest version
GeneralFix Admin UI Edit user button is not functional in non-english language – June 9, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix Duplicate user account creation when database schema is not updated
GeneralFix Send Share Email fails on re-shared items
GeneralFix invalid sizes in items removed for network folder file indexing – June 6, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix Solr Configuration getting unset if Solr stops running
GeneralCritical: Fix IE doesn’t show Folder Toolbox menu
GeneralFix photo thumbnails don’t work in IE after upgrade to 15.0
GeneralFix PDF preview incorrect caching when Doc Convertor is not running
GeneralFix search bug with indexed file listings
GeneralFix content search results only returning up to 10 results
AdminFix FileCloud Online file versioning not able to be changed
AdminFix Forgot email password template is incorrect
AdminFix folder permissions not shown in admin view even when permissions are provided
AdminDisable password and email when trying to add AD user in admin
AdminAdd user authentication type to user list export – May 26, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix short URLs are removed for private single file shares when remove expiring shares are enabled
GeneralCritical: Fix network shares are not shared to users when my files is disabled
GeneralFix share dialog not showing user’s email properly during new filecloud user invite sharing flow
GeneralFix disallow changing email details via API when sending share email
GeneralFix notification email errors if pending notification emails were present in database
GeneralFix errors in listing backup records – May 23, 2017
General@mention comment notification for shared files is incorrect
GeneralPassword protected share doesn’t show background image
GeneralTeam Folders UI usability changes
GeneralTeam Folders sharing dialog doesn’t show all groups available
GeneralPrevious versions not shown informational panel
GeneralNotifications will ignore sync downloads
GeneralFix certain runtime errors – May 16, 2017
General Fix when using Folder Security after enabling share on subfolders the “share” button is not shown
General Backup server needs to support HA configuration
General Fix Password Protected Share doesn’t set password by default when shares are created on network shares
General Sync, Drive, Outlook and Office AddIn now requires fully valid Server SSL certificates when connecting via HTTPS (Self – Signed SSL certificates won’t work)
General Fix error while previewing a file in Amazon S3 network share
General Fix copying a file with utf-8 filename doesn’t work in Amazon S3
General Public shared links accessible via browser are more mobile browser friendly
General Locking: Support recursive locking for same user in a given path
General Improve File activity notification email
General Show error correctly when non existent network folder is accessed
General Fix after renaming a Folder with contents inside, the listing shows old and new names
General Fix email notification shows full path instead of shared path
General Fix email notifications for folders they don’t have access to
General Fix accessing files under shared with me does not add to recent list.
General Documentation to improve preview of large PDF files
General Show message to user to refresh browser when an upgrade is done and newer version is available
General Fix Password Requirement inconsistencies when changing password after login
General Fix User Last login not shown in report
General Fix providing initial path in browser should override any override path set in admin settings
General Support password expiration policy for default authentication users
General Show download button if Show Single File Share full preview is enabled
General Fix Sharing Dialog doesn’t populate the To Email properly when inviting new users
General Fix when user creates a share to a limited user, the limited user “Share” checkbox should be grayed out
General Fix issues in Password Protected Share by Default
General Fix Shared with Me should hide My Files Data if My Files are disabled
General Fix Folder Level Permissions issue with files with upload permissions disabled
General Performance improvements when accessing network shares
General Fix Setting download privileges for users shows error
General Support @mention in comments
General Fix some files with special characters are shown as folders
General Improve security for Forgot password process, a password reset link is first sent to user for verification
General Fix PDF preview fails in IE
General Fix if email is in DO NOT EMAIL then adding user to share shows blank error message with Send Failed
General Fix Installers should force quit apps automatically if they are running
General Fix Move and Delete are disabled in search results
General Fix MacDrive is not auto starting under some conditions
General Browser UI shows different folder icons for Team Folders, Shared with me and Network Shares
General Support keyboard shortcuts for actions in web browser
General Support migrating existing shares when a top level folder is renamed
General Fix issue with file locks with expiry date
General New option to hide the Send Share Via Email Link
General Fix content search with Quotes causes search failure
General Fix issues with user logins with space at the end of the name
ServerLink fails to replicate 0 byte file
Admin Workflow causing existing authorization to fail
Admin Display number of days for password expiry in user details in admin portal
Admin Fix workflow issues when day interval is specified
Admin Warnings shown in checks page for large apache log files
Admin Notify admin about solr not running via email
Admin Enable Camera Backups when my files are disabled and only network shares are used
Admin New script to export / import all server settings
Admin Fix expired Shares are not getting deleted
Admin Fix when admin adds/deletes file via manage files, the activity shows You added file
Admin Fix Mod Rewrite failure when accessing site over and they have self signed certificate
Admin New Report to show which files have been deleted/uploaded/changed in one day
Admin Fix admin login, shows admin (admin) in audit logs
Admin Enable versioning in FCDocconvertor.jar
Admin Fix Add Group not working in Folder Level Permissions in Admin Portal
Admin Fix Audit Export with criteria downloads empty file
Admin Fix Email Send Failure : SMTP issue with some mail servers
Admin Fix Change Email settings Password doesn’t prompt the save button
Admin Add the user count by type in admin summary email
Admin Improve FileCloud Windows Upgrade Tool
Admin Fix Admin UI – Language Settings Change does not allow save
Admin Fix Encryption status call fails for non built-in admin user
Admin Support mandatory Password Protected share
Admin Fix NTFS Helper Hang During Indexing
Admin Show more dashboard data for limited Admins
Admin Improve real time indexing performance when records > 200K
Admin Fix NTFS Helper is not reporting subfolder write permissions correctly
Admin Geo IP graph with empty data is empty, it will show default graph view instead
Admin Fix Share mode gets disabled when user type is Guest in Admin
Admin Fix Geo IP report can time out when number of audit records is large > 4 Million
Admin Fix CSV User Import issues
Admin Add support for the Strict Transport Security and nonsniff security headers
Admin Fix enabling Sync Permission in a Share shows error via Admin Portal
Admin Fix uploading logo with UpperCase PNG is failing
Admin Account alert email subject must be customizable with their service name
Admin Fix message without license installed shows wrong count
Admin Fix Checks page to show more clearer status for some conditions
Admin Fix Admin Alert – License Installation requires clicking Install button twice
Admin Fix disallow using upper case in Site Creation
Admin Fix if there is an empty space at the end of admin password – login fails
Admin Show other admin accounts in user listing views
Admin Fix Admin dashboard reports polls indefinitely under some conditions
Admin Backup server login hangs when number of backup server targets exceeds 10
Admin Fix Default Quota assignment problem where creating new account sets quota to 0 GB instead of default
Admin Workflow problem when disabling user sends notification every day
Admin Support running run cron tasks directly from the Admin ui
Admin Support for a new report that lists all files in Managed Storage
Admin Fix unable to set default user quota in FileCloud Online
Admin Workflow is blocking Cloud Automation App
Admin Fix account creation should fail if storage is not initialized
Admin Stop sending Admin report if no accounts are disabled in workflow
Sync Fix Deleting and re-adding new folders will trigger delete approval alert
Sync Files stored in Root of Sync Folder not getting synced should have better error notification
Sync Ask confirmation for large number of file updates in addition to file deletes
Sync FileBrowser refresh should clear all caches for all paths
Sync Disable sync for share folders that are already part of another share the user already has
Sync Fix updating a file and deleting a file will cause file to be re-uploaded by sync apps that were offline
Sync Fix Backup doesn’t continue immediately if it fails to run because network is offline
Sync Fix Running sync as a service doesn’t work
Sync Fix critical issue where original files can be overwritten from server when conflicts are created and subsequently synced
Sync Support proxy without any authentication
Sync Skip files if filenames has control characters
Sync Fix Remote wipe happens only when the app tries to relogin
Drive Fix disable opening of File Explorer on startup doesn’t work properly
Drive Fix Default Button Focus Issue
Drive Drive caches system status settings for 5 minutes
Drive Fix Drive has Lock error when opening files with “&” in filename
Drive Fix Incorrect caching of file listing during copy and delete of files
Drive Fix FileCloudDrive delay issues because Windows tries to connect directly to network location using port 445
Drive Rename file is not properly handing office files
Drive Fix issues with Macdrive when using Office 365 files on MacOSX Sierra
Drive MacDrive dark menu icon support
Drive Fix Mount point defaults to E: when using access code in FileCloud Drive application
Drive Fix MacDrive excel save failure
Outlook Normalize files with UTF-8 Form-C normalization for Outlook and Office Add-On
Outlook Fix issue where uploading to server where URL contains port number fails


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