FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 3

3.1 – Sep 04, 2013
General Virus Scanning doesnt handle WebDAV uploads
General Unable to search audit records based on email address
General Fix WebDAV issue in Windows Installer
General Recursive Search for Network Shares
General Allow customization of Facebook, Twitter and Support Links in Admin UI
General AdminUI Groups Members List pagination doesn’t work
General Update to latest XAMPP with new PHP and latest Apache in Windows Installer
General Fix issue with WebDAV Move
General Admin UI – edit button pulls wrong record
General Add Support for Accounts that expire after some time using date
General Fix some minor issues with Auditing and WebDAV
General Upgraded to 64bit database in Windows
3 – Aug 22, 2013
General FileCloud Admin UI complete redesign
General WebDAV support
General Antivirus integration support
General Login support for members in specific AD group only
General Share to a group of users
General Create “EVERYONE” group that includes all users
General Large file upload issues
General Better support to handle files greater than 2 GB in 32bit systems
General FileCloud Microsoft Outlook Add-in
General Additional bug fixes


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